I was planning on taking large!Pris photos today, but I noticed that her eyes will come tomorrow, so I postponed that shoot. And yayy, Iria is done, so I went out for a test shoot with her instead. I ran out of MSC semi-gloss and silver airbrush paint (well almost) and ran low on other paints too. Phew. I also finally fixed her eyebrows. I don’t think I did that much to them but her expression is sooo much better now. ♥

She doesn’t have the shield in these photos because she was already getting a bit too heavy to carry in one hand. Next I’ll need to test her with my Husky to see if he’ll be a human character like I planned or if he’ll join Iria’s story. xD

I do have to say that unfortunately I don’t think that the lance is worth the price I paid for it. It is too heavy for it to ever work well and the handle is flimsy at best. It’s also not sculpted in a way that would allow it to set nicely along the arm armour. They keep scraping against eachother and the paint is already chipping and getting scratched -especially in the fingers. I really expected more from Souldoll.
… Not to mention that no matter who wielded that thing they’d have to be super strong with that much metal in it accomppanied by the length.

I also love this portrait I took of her before I modified her eyebrows:

2 thoughts on “Iria

  1. I really love her serious face~ haha! I think the eye brow modifications make a big difference in her expression, now she looks a bit stronger!

    1. Thank you, I do too. x3 I really didn’t think I did enough to the faceup, but I put her wig on anyway and bam, suddenly she was all serious and less confused -looking.

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