Fae of flowers

Some Maylis photos.

The cherry ones are from a while ago, but the rest are from just a few days ago. I made her a really quick new dress for those because the brown one was quite depressing. Not that this is much better but I _really_ don’t like sewing in such a tiny size. I don’t know what it is, lol, because I really like making stuff in sd and msd size and even yosd is fine, but anything smaller or bigger is just blehh. I just made myself two pairs of pants and it was such a chore too. x_x

I really wanted to photograph her with these lilies, but darn, they’re too tall so it’s impossible. They’d match her wing pattern so well. :x

2 thoughts on “Fae of flowers

    1. Thanks. I love them too, but they’re a pain to balance her with. They’re so heavy and she’s strung so tightly her legs alwats wanna snap into a fully bent pose, sighh. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to shoot her with the lilies because they’re starting to wither soon…

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