New arrivals

I’m so backlogged, but posting my new arrivals from today. Mizya and I ordered some dolls from Dollzone in February, and they arrived today. :3 I got myself an Ivy and a Big Dipper, while mizy got a Big Dipper and fullset Heavy Rain as an event gift. x3

They came in such cute furry pouches. Except for Ivy, she was in a pink pillow.

The odd group.

…Too tired u__u

Frankenstein hybrid tests, lol:

Oh yes, now there’s a lot of painting for me to do. x_x Also I haven’t thought about their names or characters or anything for them at all. I’m making a makeshift wig for Ivy right now and have to figure out some kind of clothes, too. And then the painting. I have a colour theme for her, but no clue about what to do with Big Dipper. Not entirely sure if I’m gonna keep her either, but then again I thought the same about Ea (DC Russell) and she’s still here. I even took photos of her today but damn, I have to edit them and post so much more first. =__=

2 thoughts on “New arrivals

  1. Ohh, I quite like these little strange creatures from DZ :O I still have fancy one of their older flower sculpt dollies, of which I forgot the name xD!; but that one was enchanting!

    Can’t wait to see what you’ll do with them!

    1. Do you mean the MSD ones, Anson and Moment? I’d kill for either on them really. I would’ve bought them too, but I couldn’t afford them before they discontinued them. It was such a shame, because they’re gorgeous and you could do such fancy things with them. =w=

      I’m still wondering what to do with the Big Dipper myself (impulse buy oTL), but Ivy is slowly getting stuff… Now she just needs clothes.

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