White before winter

I took a long, uphill trip to this place I found a few years ago while geocaching. I’ve been wanting to take photos there ever since I first saw the place, but it’s so far that I haven’t gotten around to, yet. Well, actually the spot is only 900m from my house but since I can’t fly, I have to go by the roads and that extends the distance to about 2.2km -most of which I cycled today. And I have to say that really took everything I had. I felt horrible once I was locking up my bike and almost turned right back to go home. My head wasn’t really working so I took the wrong path, which dissappeared about half-way there and I had to treck some 200-300m in the forest without a path with only a GPS to guide me. I would’ve turned back to look for the right path if I wasn’t so damn tired. Luckily I made it there eventually but it was not fun.

On a more random note, there’s a doll meet in my city this weekend. It’s in the evening, though and I generally don’t like leaving the house much after Noon (but I might go photographing with Mizya before it), so I still haven’t decided if I’m gonna go. It also gets dark really early this time of the year and doll meets in the dark are a bit… ehh. I also have absolutely no idea who to take with me. I could comfortably fit a big and a small doll with me, and the big doll will be one of my DDs (but who?) because my camera is heavy, so I don’t need a heavy doll as well.. but no idea which small one to take. Besides Lilya, nobody really has anything new and it has to be one I want to photograph before the meet itself too. Oh, the dilemma.

But the photos from today:

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