Azone: The candy mystery

Okaaay, I promise I’ll post that Iria story soon. I’ve managed to write it down but I still need to proof read it and I’ve been so scatterbrained lately that it’s hard for me to sit down and concentrate on one thing. x_x
I also have a lot of sewing to do but I’m having a hard time finishing those too (instead, I make more patterns and cut MORE fabrics to sew and now I have a HUGE pile of unsewn stuff).

The other day, I took Rise and Aoto out for a few photos because I wanted to do something relaxing for a change.

The mystery begins with Rise babysitting Aoto while his parents are away. They’re taking a walk outside and notice a pile of candy on the ground.

“So, what’s that?”

“Find anything?”




…Where will the trail of candy lead? When will this mystery be solved? You’ll find out… sometime… maybe. :’D


And extras of Aoto because he’s cuuuuteee:

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