I ordered Lilya a dress from SODA back in January, I think, and it arrived today. Somehow it balances out her narrow shoulders miraculously and looks pretty good on her (hides her hips too)… and then Prisca went and stole it for herself. I’ll see if I’ll have a proper shoot with it on… someone. Soon.

2 thoughts on “Soda

  1. That looks simply gorgeous! (though IMO Lilya looks a bit better in it than Prisca xD)

    I always want to order from SODA but they never reply to my mails when I’m asking if a ccustom order for Slim Mini size for dress X would be possible so I always hold off OTL

    1. Lilya just doesn’t have many reasons to wear dresses like these. Doesn’t suit her personality so well. xD Also it’s a bit small on her around the bust. The Narae volume body is humongous and the dress was made for Unoa, which apparently is smaller. I didn’t bother checking measurements. The top fits Pris better and is only slightly loose on her.

      That’s really weird. Jane’s always been very responsive to me and she’s also super nice.

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