4 thoughts on “Ka En No Mai

  1. Wow she is stunning! I came right here to see the rest of the pics, and they are amazing. Nice to see the set you did, in the pics it looks so real.

    BTW, I’m Musume from the Withdoll thread over DoA :D

  2. I’m always so amazed by your photos – it looks like you have a ton of small dioramas just standing around in your room with so much detailing and everything going on xD Your photos are definitely a joy to look at.

    May I ask where you got her hair pins from? I’m searching for some since a good while to no avail.

    1. Thanks. I wish I did, but no. I have to build them from scratch and afterward return the props to their rightful places. It’s a lot of work..

      The rose thing is made by Brighnasa, and the other two are from Withdoll (Nana) with my paints and decorations.

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