Dark Red

I took Prisca outside today since it was finally sunny and there were a few red-ish leaves left. This is an old silk dress I made for Lilya when she was still a MNF but it had some issues. I started taking it apart to add something to the back, but then got bored I guess and left it unfinished. It’s been in a fabric pile for years until I finally dug it up last week and completely re-did the back. A little fix wasn’t enough because Prisca is a lot taller than a MNF and she’s wearing super high heels too. And now she basically has a new dress. :D

5 thoughts on “Dark Red

  1. That is a GORGEOUS dress! I’m glad you finished the fixes because it looks amazing~ and it works so well with the background! Where I live autumn isn’t so orange/red, it goes to brown and dead so fast XD but it’s spring now so that’s cool :D

    1. Thank you. It only took me 3 years to finish, but minor details… … Our autumn isn’t that red either, but we do get a lot of yellow. Red leaves are rarer and I don’t know why one plant/tree can turn red while the one next to it will turn yellow. Sometimes the rowan leaves in our backyard are glorious and red and sometimes they’re just yellow. Sometimes our blueberry bushes are all totally red and sometimes they just stay green (like this year). I don’t understand.

  2. If I want to feast my eyes on stunning doll photos, I come here to admire your work. The dress is to die for and the red silk glows wonderfully on the sun. The colour combination of reds, browns, grey and pale sky blue just works.

    1. Thank you. And no, I only make things out of fabric. The shoes are from Withdoll, like the doll.

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