All dead here

This is a little bit repetitive, but oh well. This is me and my spring ritual. Except this year I didn’t have a new doll that’s ready for a photoshoot, so I took Prisca instead. She’s been standing on the shelf in this kimono, waiting for a photoshoot for weeks already.

2 thoughts on “All dead here

  1. That kimono looks so fab, I’m amazed she even has geta-feet! :D Also those hairpins are so lovely and match the whole outfit perfectly.
    Her colors kind of suit the environment’s muted colors as well!

    1. Thank you! Withdoll is amazing; the feet, the geta and the hairpins are all from them (Nana limited release). I should’ve made her black tabi-socks too, but I’m not sure where the original pattern is that I used for these, and I’m being lazy with sewing anyway.

      I had to take her out there in the gold+black kimono because I was sure she’d look gorgeous with all the dead grass. And she did. x3

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