Snow all around?

Some more Yuyu~ First I’ll post a few older photos I took when I got her some WDS eyes.

And now a few more from just a moment ago. I dashed outside because the snow was really coming down, and I got her a new Crobi wig a few days ago. It’s really quite ugly, though. Their blond fiber is even yellower than it was in the past and it’s a bit too big (goes over her ears) and just overall very dull looking. Looks like she’ll continue occupying my Husky’s wig. (´−`) ンー


I’ve re-done Satsuki’s face up and tested some other wigs and eyes on her now, too. I’m actually also considering changing her name because it’s not fitting quite as well as I’d hoped. Then again, I’m not even sure if she’ll stay if I get one of the nicer limited heads to replace her at some point.

These eyes (WDS) were a huge dissappointment. They look nothing like their shiny, pretty, promo photos (same with Yuyu’s eyes). I feel really cheated because the shipping was insane combined with the crappy dollar-euro rate right now. These just confirm what I think of acrylic eyes. Next time I’ll just throw my money at urethanes.

2 thoughts on “Snow all around?

  1. Yuyu is sooo lovely! I love her soft pinkish face-up! The snow really adds to the magic of your photos!

    I think DDs look so gorgeous with different face-up types! You’ve definitely done Satsuki a lot of justice ^^ I only have DD Mariko right now but I am considering a 2nd DD – but she would definitely need a custom face-up!! xO XO

    1. Thank you~ She just melts me with the cute. x3

      I’m really into customizing everything I own, lol. I have plans to get one or two limited DD character releases but I know for a fact, I couldn’t keep the Volks default face ups on them. They just wouldn’t feel like my dolls if I did. xD

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