2 anime girls now

My first DD head now has a body. If you remember my first DD post with the table-flip story of how I hunted Yuyuka down, you might be happy to hear that I didn’t go through as much trouble with this body. Volks finally properly re-stocked all the bodies and most busts last month. I couldn’t afford one right away, but then I sold Fenrir’s body and went for Saya’s (I changed her name from Satsuki to Sayaka). I noticed that the semi-white DDdy bodies were running low on stock, so I got her one of those and a DDIII shapely L bust.

I know I was supposed to get a DDIII with an L bust, and I still want one, but the 07 head is huge and I really like how curvy the DDdy is, so I got that one instead. I still don’t like chest joints becauce they’re stiff, but oh well. With DD’s the joints are in the same place as in the other models (cause the inner frame is the same), but the higher hip piece does make it a lot more stiff. But she’s so curvy I forgive her. :P I always thought I would never get a DDdy because I don’t like the boobs like at all, but then I realized I could get a DDIII bust and just cut is shorter and then the curves really started tempting me. The fit is actually better than with the original bust IMO. It had huge gaps but this one doesn’t have any. I still want a DD with the DDIII body but I don’t know which one yet. I’d like a 05 head, but more than that I’d want one of the limiteds I’ve been pining after. We’ll see.

Oh, and I also have a 06 head, but I’m not yet sure what I’ll do with her. She can borrow Saya’s body for now, because I’m not sure if she’ll ever get one of her own. I still need more hands for my girls, too… when I can afford them.

This is the photo that made me decide that I needed to get her a body of her own (she’s on Yuyu’s NS body here). I updated her face up, put the Volks eyes back in her and tried this old wig on her and magic, I loved her. Although I’d previously been a bit mehh about her. Still, I might want to re-do the face once again at some point.

Photo tests of Saya:

She needs more clothes. (And a proper wig)

And an extra:

I had the stands on my floor, unused and the DD girls were out too because I was sewing for Saya and changed Yuyu’s eyes, so I went and stuck them on the stands and now they’ve stood there for a few day, being all cute.

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