Yuyu changes her hair?

Posting some backlogged Yuyu snapshots. I’m still trying to get along with her, so I’ve been doing wig and eye tests on her. Something about her is not quite working for me, so I’m trying to find what it is.
The first thing I should do is order some wigs but damnit, I can never afford that. I have an expensive figure I have to pay at the end of the month (the figure that actually tipped me over into the figure world, damn him!!) so I really can’t make a wig order unless I get stuff sold. Sighh. My doll funds are at a zero and I’m actually thinking of selling my Big Dipper that arrived a while ago because I just can’t seem to get to painting it. =__=

Anyway, Yuyu cuteness:

Oh my godd, I need to get her this wig, it’s too cute. (Borrowed it from Mizya)

I actually got her new eyes (Lizanna), but I wasn’t able to buy purple ones because her tones are all wrong. I LOVE the shininess and the fact that they have proper pupils, but something is off about them. I don’t know if it’s the darkness or the fact that they’re still a bit big although they’re 22mm, or what. Maybe they need a darker wig also? I’m hoping I’ll be able to try on mizy’s Lizanna eyes at some point and see if that style would be better (Saya should get the amber eyes when I can afford them, too).

I also took some random shots of her with mizya’s Ume a few months ago:

“What is it…?”

“Eek! A mouse!”

2 thoughts on “Yuyu changes her hair?

  1. She is lovely though, have you considered giving eye lashes to your DDs? I saw few with eye lashes and noted they look so so lovely and special!

    I like the ivory wig on her, somehow it makes her look very bright and innocent x3

    1. I don’t really like upper lashes on DDs unless they’re combined with a face up that suits them. They wouldn’t look good on mine because of how they’re painted. I also think they suit the less anime -looking sculpts better. Like KOS-MOS and Alna.

      I do like the blond on her too, but it doesn’t suit her with the new black eyes, and I don’t want to go back to the WDS ones because they’re crappy. She’s not supposed to be blond either, that’s my Husky’s wig. I don’t really like blond anime characters, especialy if they’re Japanese and blond for no reason -like her, lol. I ordered her some brunette wigs on Monday and with some luck they might actually arrive on Friday. I hope they work better for her.

      It’s so hard trying to make this girl work. x_X

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