Summer is here, though it’s cloudy.

Real DD spam here. o/ I added some clothing pieced to Saya’s dress and it turned really casual so I wanted to take more photos of her, although I’m not 100% happy with her eyes or wig. But I like playing with her because she’s got so many different hands and her torso doesn’t get cut in half all the time. Though, I fixed Yuyu’s torso too, and it’s much more sturdy now. She just needs new clothing. But I did have her guest star in Saya’s shoot.

On a random note: I got my first doll exactly 10 years ago today. :D

Yuyu needs a brown wig so bad:

2 thoughts on “Summer is here, though it’s cloudy.

  1. I love these shots, I can never get how people get those “jumping” shots of their dolls XD Any tips?

    Saya looks very fashionable and cool, I like her style a lot! How did you manage to fix the torso problem? I have a DDs Mariko and she keeps splitting in half too ToT;

    Congrats on your 10th dolly anniversary! Mine is coming up too later this year :D :D

    1. Thanks. xD You need a stand for these kinds of shots, and it’s easier if you have one for the doll and the camera. I pose the dolls, and hide the stand as much as possible. Then, I take one photo normally, move the dolls out of the way and take another photo of just the background. I then combine the two photos in photoshop and erase the stands from the photos, revealing the background-only photo from underneath. The background photo has to be focused the same way and have the same settings, so you have to shoot manually.
      When I was testing these new stands I took this example photo. Non-edited vs. edited.

      Haha, I read somewhere that nailpolish works like sueding on DDs. So, I pulled the torso apart, put one brush stroke of clear nailpolish on the torso ‘pole’ and let it dry. When I put the torsos back together, it was no longer floppy at all. So easy and simple. :D

      And thank you. It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years.

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