Not a flight weather

This is super repetitive but I was in a hurry and the wind was strong. I started changing Nion’s clothes to something I could dig up (because I haven’t found fabric for his winter version outfit yet) and while I was fighting with him, the light started fading. The dude is a total noodle although it’s not long since I’ve changed his strings. Crappy things, they’d stretched a ton. I took like 7cm off and he’s sturdy again but who knows for how long. I’m always surprised by how pretty he is when he’s in front of the camera, for real. =u=

Anyway, I didn’t have time to get changed to proper winter gear either, so I got wet (too). I’ll try for more poses and variety next time. ):3

(this is actually my camera settings test photo, but I really like it despite the awkward crop and unfinished pose.)

Oh, and this happened in the middle of the shoot:

The wind caught onto his wings and pushed him forward. I managed to grab the wings and they were in my hand and the doll in the snow. =__= Once I cleaned him up, I turned him the other way around and the next gust of wind blew the wings off his back. They took a few snow baths. ^^;

Yes, this is what happens when you fall into the snow, Nion dear.

4 thoughts on “Not a flight weather

  1. Wow, it must have been so hard to take photos in the wind and snow! I’m not surprised Nion fell down XD hope he’s okay! Hope you’re okay too after being wet & cold like that!

    1. It was a bit tricky but only because the wind kept pushing on the wings (cause that’s what wings are for). It wasn’t very cold and wetness never hurt the dolls so he’s fine. And I’m fine too, I’m used to it. xD

  2. He’s so lovely! I LOVE the face-plant photo~ It’s perfect! *_*

    Honestly, though, the snow on him in the last photo looks wonderful for someone who’s been out in the snow for a long time… Perhaps face-plants are good for snow dispersal? \o/

    1. Well, it’s definitely a realistic depiction of what happens when you fall in the snow. xD Except I already removed most of the snow from his neck and front before snapping the photo, because it wasn’t flattering at all and I didn’t want all the snow to melt on him. Faceplants aren’t much fun if the face catched the snow as well cause it’s a pain to dig out of the eye sockets. >_> Luckily he was on the corner of the rock and his head just hung over the edge this time. Otherwise it would’ve been the end of the shoot.

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