Azone: Rise goes skating

I just recently realized that the new park close-ish to my house has a small field, and that of course, they ice it during winter. It’s the first below freezing day in a couple of days today so I went to check it out. Although it snowed a lot all day yesterday, so I wasn’t sure if it was going to be cleaned yet. But yes, the mini tractor was still there working -on the park side. I think he’d just done the ice before that. So, I changed into my own skates and while I was doing that, the driver parked the tractor opposite to the ice and just stared at me from inside. That was super awkward. I haven’t been on my skates in like 10 years and I could barely stay up at first. The ice was all bumpy too, so not helping. But, luckily he left soon and I was able to ease back into it. My feet started hurting really quickly but I was glad to notice I can still go backwards and do little twists and turns.

And so that this isn’t just about me: Rise was there too, because ice skating is her hobby. :D I had basically zero privacy, because some woman came to clean the park (with a shovel and stuff) even further and was there the entire time I was on all fours, taking doll photos. That and kids were coming home from school and tried to see what I was doing over the snowy edges. =__= Oh well, I got a couple of cute photos. It was not easy because she was on skates -on ice and they obviously slide on it.

I wish there was a hockey rink close by -that would have nicer ice. The closest one isn’t that far away, but ices like that always have kids there, no matter what time you go.

4 thoughts on “Azone: Rise goes skating

  1. Her ice skates look so realistic! :D Ahaha~ what an amazing adventure you’ve had trying to take those pictures XD It’s always awkward when people stare!

    Also, her jacket is really cute! I love the pattern!

    1. Thank you. They feel realistic too: they have the right kind of lacing and actual metal blades… they’re really well made. :3

      I don’t really mind that much when people stare, as long as they don’t come to talk to me and ask me what I’m doing. =__=; That’s much more awkward.

      That jacket is also from the same loot as the skates, but I didn’t even realize I was getting it. I was looking at all the other cool stuff and this one just looked like some ugly holiday sweater. But I was surprised by how damn cute it was in person and how well it suited Rise. xD

  2. She is so adorable with her scating outfit. ^__^ Hurray for going out there and photograph your Rise there, I find it really uncomfortable when people come and see what I’m doing.

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    1. Oh she is. I can imagine how cold she’d be if she wasn’t plastic, though, but what can you do, I don’t have that much clothes for her. xD Honestly, I was more uncomfortable when the tractor driver stared at me as I almost stumbled on my own scates. At least when I’m taking doll photos, I know what I’m doing. :P

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