Outside again!

Aaaand the girls are out again. Nothing special photo wise, but I’ve shortened Saya’s coat and made Yuyu one of her own, so I just had to. :D

The light wasn’t nearly as pretty as last time, but gotta make do with what weather we get.

Ohh, and a few photos of Yuyuka’s new coat:

The tail is removable.

As is the hood.

2 thoughts on “Outside again!

  1. I adore the kitty hoodie on that coat ~ such lovely work! :O :O

    Great photos, the pure white snow makes for great natural light reflectors I’m sure!

    1. Thanks. :3

      Actually, if the sky is all gloomy, there isn’t really anything to reflect, so the photos end up all gloomy and blue without a ton of white balance fixing. But when the sky is clear, the snow does reflect amazingly. C:

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