I’ve been working on sewing and face up commissions lately. The latter being a bit of a pain because of the weather, but I’m getting there… So, not much photos. But I did take these the other day. It was supposed to be my continuation to the previous Seb/Null photos, but unfortunately the heavy snowfall stopped right after the first photos of Null and I totally lost my inspiration. Sebille is also a noodle and I don’t feel like tightening her because I just want a new body for her.

And speaking of bodies… I managed to snatch myself a very cute limited DD off Y!J but then Withdoll went and released Vera, so I’m going to have to sell her right along. I’m thinking of re-painting her though and I’m definitely making her an outfit and having a shoot with her before she goes, though. Then, I need to buy Sebille that body and probably put Vera on layaway. That new skintone just tempts me so much. =u=

Anyway, a few photos (so not happy with them). I wanted a really good snowstorm going on but nope, just my luck..

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