Magic cast

I finally got myself a dragon. :D :D Well, Nion got himself one. I was supposed to get a coloured one (dark brown metallic) originally, but then I changed it to dark red metallic after seeing photos of that. I even received photos of the finished dragon,but then Cuarto completely dropped all communication with me and I just did not feel comfortable sending that much money to someone who takes weeks to reply even when they’re being fast. I get that they’re busy with sculpting the wings and making winged orders (for Russians that most likely jumped ahead of the preorder queue) but really, it doesn’t take two minutes to send an email to your customer. :/ And for the record, I waited for word on payment and shipping for 3 months, and the whole time the doll had already been cast, so it’s not like I didn’t give them time to get back to me.
In the end, I bought this white one second hand from the person who was helping me communitate with Cuarto. :3 She’s nicknamed “Sooty” for now, until I can do the story where she appears and Nion names her.

I got her yesterday but I spent the whole day painting and then restringing her. I didn’t really get to play with her at all before she fell apart… literally. I tilted the head back to look at the attachment and the elastic escaped. :D;; And then it took me hours to put her back together because I changed her into a lot thicker string that required some… interesting alternatives. She’s a bit tight though and I ran out of elastic, so I just put in an order for more. Not touching her stringing until then. I still need to paint the other head.

I’ve been planning this photo for months. I was already anxious to do it in March (which was when I received word that the red dragon was ready to be assembled and shipped) so I’ve really had time to plan it. Too bad my concentration wasn’t 100% on the pictures. I came back with a dozen mosquito bites on my butt and thighs. The suckers are distracting and I only had repellent on my upper body. But oh well, I’m quite happy with these… Once I’ve re-strung Nion I might take more with different poses. This time my priority was to get one shot.

Different colours because I was testing my settings for the optimal ones.

Edit// Oh my god, sorry about the crappy photo, but I put Nion on my table and he just looked so smug I couldn’t resist. :D

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