Soom 2012 SG female body comparison + review

I shot these at mizya’s place about 7 months ago, but then forgot about them. I also had a few demonstrative videos of the posing, but I seem to have accidentally deleted them or moved them somewhere else, since I’ve switched phones after that and they were shot with my phone camera. I will add them later if I happen to come across them, but I’m afraid they’ve been deleted.

This is otherwise kind of late, too, because the new Soom female SG body has been around since 2012 after all. But I haven’t really handled it much as I never bought one for myself. I got to borrow this one from kesakeru for this purpose.

First we have a comparison with some other dolls of the same size, and then a small review of a few of the joints.
(So sorry about the quality of the photos: the light was bad and there was not enough backdrop)

Oasisdoll Chic body (ns) > old Super Gem female (pv) > New 2012 Super Gem female (tawny) > old Souldoll Zenith double (ws)

As you can see, the new SG body is the shortest: both the shoulders are the lowest and the neck is short so she says short. Old SG is tallest, though Zenith has the longest legs (those girls are all leg).

The new SG also has the shortest neck and sharpest turn at the base, making her stand quite stiffly compared to all the others. Both the new SG and Oasis doll have quite boxy shoulders as well, but due to the sculpting elsewhere in the torso, the Oasisdoll looks much more relaxed.

From the side

Both SG’s have ridiculously small feet in comparison with their height.

The new SG is overall the slimmest in the torso and in all her limbs too. The old SG on the other hand has the most mass in the chest area. She has the broadest chest although her boobs aren’t that much bigger than the other girls’.

Oasisdoll and Zenith have the biggest thighs. And the Oasisdoll thighs don’t go in the torso as much with the others, so they’re kind of… “outward” in shape close to the hips.

From behind

Everyone has a pretty big booty except the new SG.

Sitting from the front.

The Zenith has some trouble sitting with her knees together.

Bending the elbow.

The new SG is the only one that is not able to hold any inbetween poses after 90° as she has different mechanism (shown in more detail later). The Oasisdoll elbows have the best movement: very effortless and they bend well.

Bending forward.

Oasisdoll does this the best and everyone else gets a hunchback. The new SG is the only one that can’t really do a proper forward bend: yes she gets a hunchback so the joint moves, but the result just doesn’t really cut it. Also that torso is seriously frustrating to use: it will flop out of that default pose non-stop, no matter what you’re doing with it. Even dressing it is a pain (I wish so bad I hadn’t lost those videos).
The old SG can’t bend her torso to the side at all (you can twist it, though), so she’s also quite lacking in this area, but at least she can sit without looking incredibly stiff (just as long as you ignore her back).

Same from the front.

They all look good from this angle, but you obviously can’t see how much they’ve bent.

Bending backwards.

The old SG can’t really bend backwards at all. The Oasisdoll bends at the most natural spot and does this the best, but new SG and Zenith also bend decently.

And to finish:

Sexy pose galore!
(yeah, I don’t know)

New Super Gem review:

Again, unfortunately I lost the videos, so I don’t have any photo evidence of how the torso actually moves but trust me when I say: it’s very frustrating. It does not stay well in any of the locking positions and snaps back really hard all the time. This one’s favorite pose seemed to be a little bit backwards and slightly to the side. That and the movement forward is useless.


So, this is what the elbow nugget looks like.

To get it to bend more than 90 degrees, you have to pull out the lower arm and set the stopper into the notch. (Good luck doing what with sleeves on!)

Then it will stay like this, but you won’t be able to do anything with it because it’s locked into position and not movable at all.


The knees have this kind of a sliding extra joint inside but it seems to get stuck inside most of the time. It can be pulled out so that the legs stay in a full bend, but they kind of wobble around in the air when it’s used and it’s really hard to get both of them to stay AND to pose the rest of the doll. (Again, just try working with this joint if the doll is wearing pants.)

Extra thigh joint:

These are the only joint in this doll I can actually say something positive about. They’re easy to use and they slide up quite effortlessly and don’t cause the same kind of hassle as most lift-and-set -type of thigh joints.


I mean, if you utilize all of the joints above, you can get her into this kind of a compact kind-of-fetal position but… you can’t really do anything with it. The knees don’t have enough hold to put her upwards into a squat and the calves are too long for her to sit properly. Of course you can do variations with this but the joints (except the thigh) are mediocre at best. Most single jointed dolls work better than this double jointed one.

I’m really hoping Soom is working on a renewed female body because I believe we’ve suffered from this one long enough.

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