Withdoll Senior Male comparison

I was supposed to do this months ago, but I was lazy. However, today I took it upon myself to clean my doll shelf, so I did this while all the boys were out anyway. Some of them got a change of clothes while I was at it.
I don’t have any current or new boy bodies to compare this to, because all my boys are oooold. My other white skin boys are also basically cream white like the Withdoll body, but they’re so old and yellowed that they make the Withdoll look snow white, although it isn’t. My backdrop wasn’t big enough either, but I made do with what I had.

The Withdoll body I have is still the prototype 62cm version. The 64cm version sold with the basic Alan is taller and has wider shoulders.

So, here we go:

Dollshe 18M Pure (Rosen head) -> Soom Super Gem (Sard head) -> Luts Senior Delf type1 (Elysium Ban head) -> Withdoll Senior male 62cm (Alan elf head) -> Luts Delf type1 (K-Doll Kamyu head)

Not much to say. The Senior Delf and Withdoll are exactly the same height, but the SDF is slimmer.

As you can probably tell, even the 62cm SWD body has really wide shoulders: they’re the same size as Super Gem. He’s kind of a between size with the torso size closer to SD17, but with the height of SD13.

Then, I ditched the others and just compared it with the old Super Gem because they’re very close in size:

They can share shirts, although the SG still has a bit more frame in the upper torso, while it’s slimmer below the waist.

The SWD has a bigger butt.

They’re pretty much the same height when sitting, however the WD can’t sit straight without moving the torso joint forward (at least my version can’t).

From above: shoulder width pretty much the same.


The shoulders are wide enough to not give Sard a bobble-head effect, but the neck is short. It seems close to what the newer (2012) SG body has, so I guess it wouldn’t bother everyone. The head moves well in all directions.

For the Alan head, the SG neck is too long and also a little wide. He can’t look up properly.

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