New junior Withdoll girl body comparison & review

I received my new Withdoll girl body and took some photos right away. I’m also planning on taking new comparisons with other company bodies as well, as I have a MNF visiting from a friend, but I had to leave town, so that will happen during the weekend.

My old girl is grey skin from 7 years ago (2011) and she has yellowed due to age. The Vampire Rachel head is also from 2011 but it’s been in a box most of this time and isn’t as yellow, but it is lighter than the new grey skin body. I’ll take nicer comparisons of the skins too, once I get back.

EDIT// Added a few bust comparisons to the end.

Old body (L bust) on the left and new body (C bust) on the right.

The two are very similar in shape, some details are different (old body has visible ribs and hip bones, new doesn’t). The arms are similar in joints as well, but the rest not so much. The new body is strung with the legs together, while the old goes from neck to ankles. Also worth noting that the new body has a thicker and a shorter neck but the torso is a little longer, so they end up the same height although the shoulders aren’t even.

From the side you can see that the new body has a bit more definition and shape in the stomach area, not much, but a bit. The thighs are also slightly more shapely and the hip area shape is a little different due to the joints.

From the back. The new body has back dimples and a fuller butt as well as a wider back (and thinner upper arms). Due to the wider back, she looks to have more of an hourglass shape. Arms look the same from the back.

Due to the different shape in the torso around the arm holes, the new body can’t raise its arms as straight up as the old body. Could be easily fixed by sanding off a bit of the resin at the top of the shoulder, I think.
The small notches on the hip joints also create sharp shadows.

Old L bust and new C bust. They’re pretty much identical in size and veery close in shape. You can see slight differences with the new ones being a little fuller on the top and old ones being a bit more flat and tear shaped.

Almost the same. The difference in the look is due to the placement of the joint. If they had the same joint system, it’d be really hard to tell the difference.

I’ll also do comparisons with all the bust sizes soon. I just didn’t have time today.

I took measurements to compare the two in a more in-depth manner. Measurements vary slightly depending on how they’re taken and by whom, so I made sure to measure both at the same time and the same way to catch the differences.

   Old body (cm)  New body (cm)
 Neck circumference  7  7,4
 Shoulders (with arms/without)  10 / 5,7  10 / 6,5
 Arm length  13,3  13,5
 Bust  S 16,2 | L 17  A 16 | B 16,7 | C 17,7 | D 18,3
 Underbust  13,2  14,5
 Waist  12,6  12,8
 Hip  17,8  18,4
 Thigh circumference  10,2  10,6
 Leg length (crotch -> floor)  21  20,3

As you can tell, the new body is slightly curvier (bigger differences between torso circumferences) and while the legs are the same length, the crotch is lower and the torso is longer. The new body also has more bulk in the chest probably due to the shape of the joint. So, while the old L bust and new C bust are veery close to one another, there’s quite a large difference in measurement; the boobs themselves are the same size, but the new body has a wider underbust too, so that’s making the whole measurement bigger. The same goes for old S and new B. The boobs themselves are pretty much the same, but the whole measurement is different.

Torso joint:

Slightly to the side. I’ve removed the stopper from my old girl, but I think she can do this much even with it in place.

This is pretty extreme. The old body can do about the same as the new body if the stopper is in place but it’s not pretty. The new body can stay in an inbetween pose too, but it’s a little raised because the edge of the stopper pushes it up and creates a gap. It could be sanded down without losing much mobility, I think.

Backwards. Definitely not pretty on the new body, also gaps.

Forward. Hunchback because the joint is high on both of them, but at least the boobs on the new body don’t shrink in this pose and she can achieve a forward bend.

Sitting from the front with knees bent 90 degrees. Both look pretty from the front.

The new body actually has slightly slimmer feet. Or more like the toes are shaped a little nicer. The difference here is that the old body has an ankle cap and a resin hook inside the foot. The new body has a one piece foot and an S hook.

Hands are the same shape and both have sword holding hands as well. The new body also has fist hands (they’re quite tiny, I’ll photograph them later). The biggest difference is that the old ones are magnetic and the new ones are not.

Elbow joints are pretty much the same. They turn about this much and rotate to the side just fine.
On a side note, the old torso has larger grooves for the arms. They’re not very pretty but they let the arms sit closer to the torso than the new body does.

Hip & thigh joints:

And now we get to the new joints. The hip joint gives friction to the pelvis, making sitting her up easy and sturdy (unlike most dolls with the legs strung together). It also allows her to lift her legs above a 90° angle without any hassle. You don’t have to pull or lift on anything, just raise it. It works with pants on as well, no problem. (Can you tell I love this joint?). The knee also bends nearly fully and looks quite pretty and smooth.

Instead of lifting the legs, she can bend forward as well. If her torso joint was just a bit lower, she could touch her toes and not get a hunchback.

By choosing with way to bend the knee nugget, you can make her thighs or calves longer. I chose to extend the thighs to make the calves shorter and more balanced in this pose.

Comparison with the junior boy body that has the same hip joint but a slightly higher torso joint. Also the nuggets are turned to extend his calves for comparison.

Same but bending the torso forward.

They can turn the knees the same amount, but the new girl body has a slightly more refined joint and it doesn’t have as many sharp edges.

She can sit on her knees fairly compactly.

More compact than the boy body at least.

Old girl body can do this too, but she’s not stable because of the knees gaping. You can also see the slight difference in their waist/hip shape here. The new body has a bit more of a stomach and hip curve, while the old body has quite straight lines in the torso.

The new body also has this thigh joint which needs to be pulled and lifted. It’s not very pretty, but it does give her more mobility if you can use it with clothes on.

I mean, it’s not super pretty, but could be hidden with clothes and does make the pose much more compact.

While utilizing both the thigh and hip joints, she can also crouch like the SDW girl body, but it’s not as nice and compact and would benefit from heeled feet. I forgot to try it in front of the camera, but I’ll add a photo here later.

Random sitting poses:

The girl and boy bodies can now do some identical poses, thank to the hip joints. xD

The hip joint does turn as much as the boy body, so in theory she should be able to do these high kick martial arts poses that the boys can too.

Aand that’s it for the initial review and comparison. As I mentioned earlier, I’ll post comparisons with other dolls as well.

Bust comparisons:

These are all on Withdoll’s sales page, but I thought having them all side by size in the same image would help. Also the grey skin shows the shapes better than a pale normal:

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  1. Wow, what a lovely update to the body! Gray displays the sculpting very nicely. Excellent work on the posing and photos! Thanks a lot for such a thorough review!

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