Azone: arrival

Oh, whoops. I’m now accidentally a pure neemo owner. I got my first girl (DC Progression Lycee) from Mizya on Wednesday. A surprise gift 3 months before my birthday. I was like “Whaaaat is this? :D” when she handed the gift-wrapped package to me. And like oh noes, is it an Azone?? in my head while I was unwrapping it. I’m doomed now. I need to make her clothes and buy her shoes and mnghgh! :D Cause you know me, I just can’t do with one outfit for a long time. I’m super glad her default outfit is versatile, though, and that the boots are lovely. They work with the dark kimonos I made for a winter look, too.

Yes, I made some Azone sized clothing (available in my etsy, link in the sidebar) because I had a body here from Mizya as a sewing model, and now I have a full doll thanks to her, so that I can take photos of the finished producst as well. I don’t know, I might update this blog with some of my sewing work from time to time too. Currently I only post some of them to my flickr.

If you want to filter out my Azone entries, just go to my categories and click “company” and it’ll only give you BJDs. And if you want to filter out the BJDs, just click “Azone”. By the way, I also added an azone profile page, separate from my other dolls (and updated that one).

And now to the mandatory picture spammage:

“Salutations!” (This totally became her trademark pose :P)

With mizya’s Lycee, Rika.

Kimono model group V!


Probably keeping this kimono myself, it suits her nicely. :3

More entries to come, but I have some sewing to do first. I just got my dolls back from the museum, so I need to be making new patterns and such.

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