The Hated One

I have some outdoor photos coming at some point, but I just haven’t had the energy to re-size them for the web yet. I’ve been more interested in modding and painting my newest arrival: A Migidoll Vampire Ell head. Not yet sure how well it’ll work for this character, but it’s the best there is out there right now.

The eyes are Llyr’s old ones that he can keep until I find better ones, but everything else is borrowed, including the body that is completely the wrong colour (Kilbas’). I just had to put him on a body to see how he could look. I need to get him a wig that would suit him and horns and make some clothes, but I won’t know what size to make before I figure out what body I’ll get him and I have no idea when that’ll be.

He’s Nion’s father and Khepre’s brother-in-law, btw. He’s been mentioned in a few of my stories. But more about him when I start getting him stuff.

My original sketch of him from last year:

It’s not too far off, imo. It’s a shame that the Ell head has pointy years but they’re even smaller than the Delf ears are on Khepre and Nion.

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