Azone: New clothes, finally?

I received some new clothes for Rise in the mail today and took a few random photos. And including 3 older ones too.

I’m not very good at Azone photography. It’s hard for me for some reason and I somehow always manage to get a shine on their faces. I need to find new ways to use light for these little ones because obviously what I do with BJDs isn’t working with these guys. Not that I have more than one, but I am getting another this summer. And then maybe two more at some point if Azone releases the faces I like with styles I like or if I find my faves reasonably from second hand. But since I’m not willing to pay nearly as much as most people are, it’s probably not happening. xD

This dress might not be her style, but at least I now have it, in case I get a more cutesy girl in the future. :3 I so need a bag to go with this one, though.

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