What is this? a DD?

Oh yess! Finally, I was able to get one. There was a Dollfie Dream Sirius in my very first doll meet 10 years ago and ever since I handled her, I’ve wanted one. Actually that is probably when I decided that some day I would get one. Well, it is now 10 years later and I got one (well sort of 2). My resin collection is in such a state that I don’t have that many ‘important’ things to buy so I could finally go for one.

Missä on kaikki suomalaiset Dollfie Dream porukat?? Hartsiin ei saa enää postata (typerää) enkä osaa blogejakaan selata miljoonaa läpi *fail*. Tulisin jutskaamaan, mutta olen huono tuppautumaan. :I

I’ve been thinking about DDs all this time, but because the timing was never right, I didn’t really pay attention to the molds that much. Not before earlier this year at least. There are so many limiteds but because Volks hasn’t released any that I’ve liked in a while and they’re so damn expensive in the second hand market, I first looked at the basic models. And decided to go for a DDH-07 for my versatile girl that can do almost any style shoot. But then I spotted a DDH-09 custom at an auction with an absolutely adorable :I -kinda expression and I knew I needed that mold too. It’s now my favorite out of the basic ones and I really wouldn’t mind having another one either. I’m just sad they apparently only come in NS. I have a few limited faces I like too and might replace my Satsuki (DDH-07) with one some day, but for now I’ll have these two basic girls.

Anyway, this girl is the DDH-09, named Yuyuka. She’s on the DDS body with medium bust because I didn’t want both girls to have the same one. I bought the head and body separately and the body is used but it’s in beautiful condition (I found one small stain from her arm). I didn’t have much competition in the bidding, so in the end she cost less than a basic doll would from Volks. ♥ (Even though I paid like double price for the head because you can’t get a DDH-09 from Volks’ webstore.) More photos below the cut and a long-ish rant-story of how she came to be. (Oh yes, being poetic, but believe me, hunting her down was not poetic at all.) I would’ve taken box opening photos but it was really dark and she came blank, so I passed on that.

I’m getting her another pair of eyes tomorrow that hopefully fit better. Despite doing research, I managed to get her eyes that are too big imo. She wasn’t supposed to be blond either, but I tried this wig on her and it just looked so pretty. Sorry, Husky, your hair got stolen. She’s so cute it kills. (♡´౪`♡)

I also have Satsuki’s head home and here’s a photo of her from a few weeks ago:


As for actually getting her…

I have to say I have never gone through this much trouble to get one damn doll. I don’t understand why so many people buy Volks dolls when they make it so hella hard?? Sure, if you’re willing shell out $600-1500 for a limited DD on the second hand market it’s not hard at all (or order from their preorder and wait forever). But I wanted a specific basic head on a specific body and building that proved to be a full-time job that took 4 weeks of losing auctions and missing things by a hair because the better option always eluded me and then it was already too late for the option B.

Seriously. At first I was aiming for a DDH-07 head in SW skin and a DD base body (II or preferably III) with M chest. I bought the head from Volks with extra hands. But that body seems to be impossible to find elsewhere. There are a lot of Hatsune Miku bodies but then no M or L chests to replace her pathetic SS with. And then there are a ton of White and Normal bodies too, but the head I got is SW (should’ve gone for white, lalalaa). I sent an enquiry to Volks asking if they have plans to re-stock the body. Well, 3 days later, I’d gotten an email at 4AM saying that the body is now re-stocked, but OF COURSE by the time I woke up and read the email, it was already sold. Thank you Volks, for the heads up on that.

At the same time I was looking to get a DDH-09 head on the DDS body (chest not so important as long as it isn’t the shapely L bust) as well. There are a lot of heads around but after being outbid multiple times and letting the more expensive ‘buy it now’ heads pass, I realized I’m just gonna have to jump on one of those whenever one comes up. Volks also had the NS body in stock (the head only comes in that color, it seems)… that is UNTIL I actually found the head for a decent price on Ebay of all places. I bought it, noticed that the body had sold from Volks, and then commenced to Y!J to hunt for the body (which there are plenty of). There was also a head for about the same price with shipping and fees on Y!J at the same time, but I’d already bought it from Ebay, so I didn’t pay much attention to it. But -of course there’s a “but”- a few days later I got a message from the Ebay seller saying that the head was unfortunately out of stock and that I’d be refunded. Ooookay, so I rush back to Y!J for the head again and guess what? It had JUST been nabbed 26 minutes before…

… (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

This is right after I’d lost a body action by 500yen because it was at night and my automatic bid was outbid. 8) Luckily, there was another auction that ended 6 hours later that day and I got a used body for a bit cheaper. A body for the DDH-09 head that I didn’t have, to be exact. So, I had a semi-white head (+extra hands) coming and a normal skin body on the way separately. =__=

Like holy crap how hard can it be to get one BASIC doll when I’m actively hunting for 2 at the same time. ( ・◇・)?

In the end I got another DDH-09 head that I put in the same package with the DDS body and I now finally have 1½ DD dolls (semi-white body hunt resumes once I recover from all my recent purchases and upcoming customs taxes). I’m also waiting for Volks to properly re-stock the busts, as they said that’s coming but they don’t know when. But since it’s eventually happening, I don’t have to worry about the bust and can buy any body as long as it’s the right colour. I actually bid on a Miku body already earlier and won the auction but the seller removed my bid and the other person’s whose I beat, and accepted a 1500yen lower bid from someone else. Clearly did not want to sell to a proxy. There are plenty of Miku bodies around anyway, so I’m not that desperate to jump on one as soon as they come available.

But Volks seriously needs to rename “Dollfie Dream” into “Dollfie Puzzle”.

2 thoughts on “What is this? a DD?

  1. Voi jestas, kuulostipa tuo metsästysretki raivostuttavalta D:! Kunnon tableflip meininkiä. En kanssa ymmärrä tuota Volksin tyyliä myydä, kun pitää ilmeisesti joutua taistelemaan tavaroista ennen kuin ne kaikki on jo myyty (kenen selain on nopein jne kivaa touhua selkeästi). Kuulemma kunnon klikkaussotia moiset.

    Mutta ainakin olet tosiaan nähnyt vaivaa näitten DD:itten kanssa! Luulisi että touhuilu noiden kanssa sitten vain maistuisi makeammalta kaikenmaailman säädön jälkeen.

    1. Naurettavintahan tässä on se, että en edes metsästänyt limited tai event nukkea ja käynyt hirveää huutosotaa niistä, vaan kahta BASIC nukkea, joiden pitäisi olla saatavilla koko ajan. Ajattelin, että tämä olisi helpompaa ja edullisempaa kuin hypätä suoraan johonkin hienoon spessuun. Halvempaa oli, mutta ei todellakaan helpompaa. =__= Olisin kohtapuolin ostanut sen DD kropan osissa Volksilta, mutta siellä on aina joku pala out of stock. Toisen kropan metsästys jatkuu kun taas saan rahnaa (ai kuinka kivaa se tuleekaan olemaan). o/

      Mut hei, jos olis rikas niin sit ei tarttis nähdä vaivaa, voisi heittää 2000e jollekin ebay myyjälle ja 600e tullille ja saada sieltä nopsasti ja yksinkertaisesti joku nätti hieno limited. :D

      Mutta onhan se mukavaa viimein päästä käsiksi kokonaiseen nukkeen. En enää edes muistanut miltä DD tuntuu kun edelliskerrasta on kymmenisen vuotta. <3 Ehdin vaan jo turhautua Itellan toimintaan tämän kamalan metsästysurakan päätteeksi, niin olin valmiiksi jo vähän turta nukkea kohtaan. Olin niin innoissani sitä odottamassa ja sitten posti pimittää sitä ulkomaanterminaalissa toista viikkoa.

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