It’s been dark and wet, but yesterday, while I was sewing, I noticed it was snowing. Min Ki was the only doll I had in winter gear (well, Lily too but I’ve already shot her) so I grabbed him and dashed outside. I was seriously uninspired and the photos ended up super dull, although the snow was really coming down. :< Too bad, too, because it was so pretty and today it's all just mush. I'll be smart and wear my lame-looking rainboots to town today because I don't want to get my feet wet or ruin any of my nice winter shoes. :I

So dull, I know, sorry. I hope the weather cools some more so that we’d be more or less permanently below freezing. That way it’d be brighter and prettier outside. Right now we barely only have 6 hours or light and the dark, wet ground makes it worse.

2 thoughts on “Snow

  1. I really love this boy. Every time I see him it makes me want one in tan skin for myself. I guess I’ll have to hope for Withdoll to do an event. Anyways, I actually like the cold feeling that these pictures give off. You can feel the winter atmosphere. And that hand is perfect for holding that umbrella! It looks very natural.

    1. Thanks. :3 I’m pretty sure they’ll do a skin event before the end of the year, probably at the same time they release new limited parts (and probably a doll) but it’s taking them a long time to get them ready.
      I’m hoping I’ll get to finish him soon -and by finish I mean I finally find him a wig that’s appropriate for this character, and I can get rid of this rat’s nest.

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