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“Kilbas was on his way to his home cave from having spent several months on official business in a different dimension, and decided that this was as good a place as any to rest, before continuing onwards. He was traveling light: just his weapons, better clothes, waterskin and a bear hide for warmth. It was all he needed to survive in this harsh winter wilderness.”

I couldn’t resist. It’s been a while since I put any effort into photography, but I got this fur piece from mizya yesterday and it’s been snowing non-stop since last night, so the weather was great for photos, too. And I’ve had this photo idea for a while now. If I had winter gear for some of my other dolls, I would’ve made it into a photostory. But nope, not this time. Maybe some day I’ll find good fantasy appropriate winter fabrics that inspire me to sew for… well almost everyone needs winter gear.

5 thoughts on “Rest site

      1. Ah!! O_O I didn’t even notice the lack of a closure! I was so enamoured by the cloak itself, that little detail just didn’t present itself to me, lol! I admit, though, now that you’ve brought it to my attention, that a penannular brooch would look gorgeous on that cloak, lol! =flails=

  1. Kilbas is so gorgeous @o@ I love the snow, it looks so gently sprinkled all over his coat!
    I can’t believe you made a tiny fire, it’s so cute! x3

    1. Thank you. :3 It was such a nice weather, tho at times it was snowing so much I was afraid the fire would go out. And other times the wind was blowing so much I was hoping the doll wouldn’t catch fire. xD

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