New beginnings

I got Sebille a new body from Withdoll a few weeks ago. It’s a great fit, and I love that she can now wear different styles of clothing too, because of the differently shaped torso and no more bulging thigh joints. Unfortunately her legs lost a lot of shape, though, and are a lot thinner, which is making her shoes look bigger on her (thin ankles, grr). But overall I’m very happy. It’s much more stable than her old body, too. I’ve even been inspired to sew her some new stuff. :3

She would need a new face up, though, because her face is kind of grey-ish, thanks to the old MSC layers, but I’m just kind of scared of re-doing it, because it’s perfect the way it is right now. And I’m definitely not feeling face ups currently. I have a several of my own dolls I would need to paint, but before I can even think about them, I need to finish a pile of commissions (so sorry I’m being slow!!). I think I will also like to sand her neck a bit to make it thinner -just to match her old looks a bit more. Otherwise the body is quite good. I’m waiting for it to yellow a little to match even better. :D I put her old body for sale in the selling pages for cheaps.

I took this first photo the day I got her together again, and the rest are from today. I got her a new pair of shoes (to share with my DDs) from Nine9Style and there was this awesome doll sized magazine in the box too. Actually, even the package is doll scale, so I used it as is for these photos. xD


I also ordered her some shoes from Horusdoll, but they’ve been MIA for weeks. I tried contacting them a lot of different ways because even my payment wasn’t confirmed. Then, some days ago I finally started a paypal dispute and I finally heard from them this morning. Phew. But one of the pumps I ordered wasn’t in stock in the colour I wanted, so I’m not getting that. I’m kind of sad because I want shoes in different colours, not just white or black all the time and they’re hard to find from anywhere but Chinese sellers. But most companies sell them for inflated prices and I just don’t want to go directly to taobao because I would need to research an agent and from what I looked at some years ago, the shoes ended up almost as expensive anyway (especially since most sellers seem to double the price for agents, too). Ugh. I don’t mind paying for nice shoes, but when the price is double just because I’m an international buyer, it pisses me off.

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