Withdoll Senior boy prototype review

I’m back with another review! This time I have Withdoll’s new senior boy body at hand, as I was asked to review it so that improvements can be made if they’re necessary.

First of all, this body is structually very similar to the female body, I’ve already reviewed here so I didn’t go into as much detail. And because the light was horrible for photos (so sorry about the bad quality), I took some parts as videos (no speech though, I don’t have a pleasant voice) to demonstrate the range of movement.

Please keep in mind that this is a prototype of the body, and the final version may be revised before any orders are sent out! I will be passing all this information to Withdoll and they’ll do the fixes they see fit.

I’ve heard from Withdoll that they will be improving the movement of the elbows, wrists, ankles and hip/thigh area. As well as do some shape changes to the extra hands and feet. The final version will move better but still look about the same. There will also be a taller version of this body released later this year. ^^

Girl vs. Boy

Girl body (ns, small bust, Vera head) & Boy body (cw, Alan head)

He’s very broad shouldered and hefty feeling. I measured him at exactly 63cm.

You can definitely tell they have the same sculptor from the back.

I really like his default posture.

I also feel that he has very realistic body proportions: a long torso and some length in the legs, but not so much that he’s all leg. There’d easily be room for a longer leg version that would make him 65cm (especially because his torso is already as broad as the oldest soom SG).

His feet, however, are a little flat and would benefit from some extra height/shape.


The girl heads wear 8″ wigs and many 8-9″ get stuck on their ears (especially on the elf ones) so they’re a bit hard to find wigs for, but the Alan head is a clear 8-9″ and the Leeke wigs I tried on him fit him perfectly.



The torso joint works very well. I was really pleased with how well it turns into every direction in a rounded motion. There’s a stopper for the default pose but otherwise there are no ledges or locks. But since the joint is positioned so high, he does get a slight hunchback when he bends forward and he can’t go very far, although the joint does bend quite a lot. It also stays in all the inbetween poses without a problem although he is quite tightly strung.

Arms & hands

His arms work decently, but not quite as well as I would expect from a double joint. The girls have more movement in the elbows and wrists.

For example, he can turn the arm outwards but he can’t lift it up in that position (then again, neither can the girls). But the elbows also don’t bend enough for him to touch his face properly, even if I hold them.

His wrists are also very limited in movement, but those would both be an easy fix (=bigger wrist ball and larger holes + some shaping for the elbow).

Movement range video:

The hands itself:

I personally really like these normal hands. They’re relaxed and neutral and very usable for different situations.

However, the sword holding hands are rather girly and I do find they would be better if the pinky finger was reigned in. It would also help him hold his swords and other possible items. As they are now, they’re basically copies of the girl hand’s pose:

Even more than this would be good, actually.

Legs & feet

This is where I found the most problems in regards to posing. First of all, the knees:

When fully bent you can see that there are much larger gaps on the inside. This makes them less stable and they don’t stay in the inbetween poses as well as the girl knees do.

Then, the combination of the hips and thighs… There are many problems here.

First of all, the whole shape of the hip socket doesn’t work well. ^ As you can see, the joint is very angular and the socket is very small and only designed for up and down movement. When I first bent his legs, they wouldn’t even turn in the socket, but instead got stuck on the edge. The shape is not circular enough so it not only prevents him from speading his legs, but the legs also come out of the sockets very easily. He also can’t lift his legs over the 90 degree angle at all without the extra thigh joint.

But the thigh joint doesn’t save it either:

This is what it looks like when it’s in use. It has to be pulled and turned, and it is impossible to use if the doll has tight pants on. This is the same with the girl body but I find that for boy dolls it’s more imporant to have enough movement to bring the leg higher than a 90 degree angle. Also, even if you have loose pants it’s hard to maneuver this joint and the pants will ride up a lot because of the extra angle in the leg.
Also, this is the only pose it bends to. There is nothing inbetween. It’s either 90 degrees or this, which is probably closer to 50-60 degrees.

Ideally one would be able to lift the leg like this, but he can’t hold this as it pulls the whole joint out of the socket.

I was quite disappointed that he doesn’t have the same extra hip joint that the mini boys do. That one works very well with pants on and is usually hidden by clothes. It also doesn’t make a strange bend in the leg and looks more natural:

(Photo by mizya).

I know their stringing is different, but that joint should still work even with a head-to-toe string, as opposed to the feet-to-feet the mini boys have. It’s also quite sturdy and shouldn’t compromise his stability.

And speaking of: his ankles really do not move much. It makes him stable, but it also makes him incapable of pointing those toes when he sits and does limit his standing poses a little bit too.

Here’s a video of the hips, thighs and feet in action:

Like I said, he is hefty, and the limited movement does make him more stable. But I don’t think a little bit more movement would hurt the stability. I will be sueding the ankles anyway to give them more tooth.


I made this video to demonstrate how his sitting poses are lacking because of the hips, which I really hope will be fixed in the final version of this body:

As you can see, he really can’t spread his legs. They spring right back when I let go. This is typical for bodies with the legs strung together, but his aren’t, so the shape of the joint is just not good. He should be able to do this without a problem. Also better ankle movement would make the sitting poses more natural.


And that is it. :3 I hope it was useful to someone.

I will be giving Withdoll my feedback on the body and some suggestions soon. I’ll also be comparing this body to other boy bodies I have soon, when there’s actual proper light. I only own a Delf, Senior Delf, old Soom SG and a Dollshe 18M Pure bodies, though. I can also try some heads on it.

2 thoughts on “Withdoll Senior boy prototype review

  1. Thank you for this. I always find your body reviews so helpful and informative, especially the very detailed investigation of the bodies’ mechanics! I hope Withdoll listens to your suggestions. Those hips are not the worst I’ve seen, but they would definitely deter me from buying this body (though I am quite fond of the Alan face sculpt). Personally, I think the musculature is a bit pronounced in the chest and torso (for my tastes at least), but perhaps they will do a more slim and delicate body in the future. I will definitely keep an eye on Withdoll’s work, as well as your reviews ^^

    1. Aww, thank you. Mechanics are very important to me and I’m a quite technical person (always need to know how things work), so these sort of reviews come naturally to me.
      Well the hips aren’t that bad if you’re content with ‘normal’ range of movement. But I really need my guys to have relaxed sitting poses. xD I’ve definitely owned worse hips, but my expectations were a little higher because he is strung the traditional way and usually the dolls with leg spreading issues are the ones with the legs strung separately (though ironically the wd mini boys don’t have that problem).
      He’s more muscular than what I would go for too, normally, as I prefer slim boys, but I might be able to make the body work for someone (don’t know what to do with the head yet). The mini boys are too muscular for me as well, but I sanded down my Min Ki’s muscles and now he’s nice and slim. :P Sanding this one would be a lot more work, though.

      I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what kind of revisions they do to the body -if any. :3

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