Hex arrives

I ordered Withdoll’s Dark Vera in their new pale brown skin tone back in February with a 3-month layaway. A first time I ever used a layaway on a doll purchase. I don’t usually feel comfortable buying something if I don’t have the money saved up, but it was Withdoll so I felt a little more at ease sending the payments piece by piece (since I’ve talked to them a lot). I spent every month scraping up the funds for the next installment and kept pushing back my plans to get the rest of the stuff she needs: mainly eyes and shoes. I managed to get her a wig, but it still needs a lot of work although I’ve already straightened and cut it.

Withdoll shipped her like a week after I’d finished the layaway so I really didn’t have time to get her anything. But here she is, still incomplete, but so lovely!

I was being careful but I still managed to cut into the box lid. I just love the simple but beautiful brown Withdoll box. I wanted to make this into a new bjd shoe box for my doll shoes because the old one is a bit too small, but unfortunately it’s about 1cm too tall and doesn’t fit under my bed properly :(

The extra stuffs: foam person for padding, glib acrylic eyes, extra hands & feet and the outfit.

I think this was also the first time I bought the set outfit with a doll (minus the coat this time). But I just could not resist those leg things. Besides, I can’t make anything like that myself because haha, just try to find cool fabrics like that here in Finland. Yeah, not happening. Not to mention the small buckles and everything.

I love the fabrics in this, and it’s also the first time ever that a company outfit fits to a tee: actually, it’s a pretty tight fit. Then again I don’t have much experience with company outfits because I quite rarely buy them. But it’s nice, I always make my clothes tight-fitting too. xD I just worry a bit about the eyelets at the back of the top: they don’t have washers and they’re a little rough so they might scratch the doll. Also the vest/sleeves won’t fit over anything thicker than that top because the belts are a bit short (especially the top one). The pants I don’t like much, but I knew that: they’re well made and fit just right but they’re just too simple for my tastes, so I’ll be making her something else… probably shorts and a mini-skirt (not to be worn at the same time, haha).

Here she is~ The pale brown tone wasn’t as warm as I was expecting but I’m sure the coldness will mellow out with time. It’s perfect and pale, just like I wanted it to be. It’s mostly light grey but with a bit of a warm tone (no blue hues) and actually a little purplish in some lights. It reminds me a lot of rosy brown: only a much, much more pale version of it.

I took comparisons of all the Withdoll colours I have and you can view them in our Withdoll blog.

A little story: Back whem D-Storic was distributing Bimong dolls, and they offered the light grey skin tone in the last good-bye sale event, I was really tempted to buy myself my first true vampire doll (no sunlight escapades etc.). But in the end I decided against it because of my financial situation. And it’s good I did, because their grey ended up being quite dark. With the word “light” I expected it to be pale: like a white with grey hues -it would’ve been the perfect colour for a dead person. I’m referring to this because this new Withdoll skin tone is pretty much exactly what I expected the D-storic light grey to be -or wished it would be. x3 Unfortunately, though, Hexia isn’t a vampire so I can’t use the skin tone for her story in that sense this time.

She’s soo pretty. I could work her character without the teeth though, but what can you do. I love those notched ears =u=

Here she is with Era (grey skin light Vera). I love how Hex makes Era look dark skinned now.

Aaand trying on her wig (in need of styling) and the outfit.

I thought I had temp shoes for her, but I’d completely forgotten I sold those off with Tanith. Darn, they would’ve been perfect and now I’m having a hard time finding her anything. x_X I want them to have some heel but still be sturdy, the right style to fit with the leg covers and the right colour too, of course. What to doo… The ones she’s wearing I stole from Sebille’s feet and they’re not stable at all.

And with her sword that’s been waiting for her since I got Era. ♥

Yup, she’s gonna be lovely.

After this I took her apart and sanded a few of her bigger seams, changed the string (she was strung well, but the string was the kind I use for msds so I switched it to a thicker one), sueded, coated and lightly blushed her. It’s been so long since I’ve received a full bjd like this that I’d forgotten how much work they are. x_x

Some WIPs of the face up I’m working on:

I opened her eyes up slightly and then started on the face up.

There’s some history on the markings -or well the original one that I modernized a bit. One of my very old characters has a similar forehead brand as a part of her story. I’ll explain more about it once she’s done. :3 Unfortunately I think I need to work on the face up more and today is humid and rainy. The new MSC matt is so finicky about the elements that I’m not sure I want to risk it. I could probably do the final coat with UV cut anyway, but I don’t know if I want to risk that either. I do not want this face up to be clouded. So, here I am: having a dilemma whether to add more colour to this or just gloss it and be done with it.

I need to find her those shoes and eyes too. I have Llyrs old eyes as temps for her now, but they’re not quite right.

(And yes, I am using the dreaded new formula “MSC matt” on my own dolls, and according to my tests so far: no cracking on any of the face ups I’ve done properly and used the recommended instructions on applying. The oldest face ups are over a year old now and I’ve gone through them with a magnifying glass basically: no cracks. I firmly believe that if it’s used the right way in the right conditions, no cracking will occur. There’s no way the company would still be selling this formula if a majority of their customers reported these kinds of issues. So far, I deem this formula just as good as the old flat; it just needs a bit more care to apply. Mainly dry weather, LOTS of shaking of the bottle, light sprays from 15-20cm away and at least 30 minutes (longer if there’s humidity) of drying before applying the next layer. Working on the head right away is fine but the previous layer should be allowed to set before applying a new one or the old one shrinking underneath will pull the new layer along and this will create the cracks. I didn’t follow all these instructions to coat with the old flat and the face ups were fine, but with matt I’m being more careful.
I have one head with one appeared crack, but I’m not sure if it’s an actual crack on the coating or a scratch. I wouldn’t be surprised if it had cracked, though. I used too many layers, probably didn’t shake the bottle long enough and I definitely didn’t wait long enough until spraying the next layer.)

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