Doll meet at Teeleidi

We had another local meet at Teeleidi today. I didn’t take much photos at the meet itself, since most of the time was spent talking and eating/drinking tea. Most of the dolls were on another table because the dishes filled the one we were using. But we did take the traditional group photo and then spead out to the garden to take some photos of our own dolls. xD

The bigger dolls were hanging out on the side table while we were conversing. Yami’s hand was slowly edging sideways, lol.

Smaller ones had windowsills

And the table.

Took the group photo with my phone because I couldn’t back far enough with the DSLR, the room was too small. xD

And afterwards we were outside in the garden:

Yami was minding her own business until:

We also went to Korkeakoski, which is really close, after the meet to take some more photos, but I’ll post those separately.

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