Dark Siren

I made my extra Onyx head into a siren and I love her lots. She needs a name but for now she’s just “siren”. I also want to re-blush the hands+arms to match her darker colour scheme but I couldn’t wait to take at least a few photos. Too bad they didn’t come out at all how I wanted them to. The weather was really against me. It was supposed to be cloudy and rainy but nope, all the clouds strategically moved around the damn sun and the wind was horrible. I had the doll on a stand so I didn’t have to worry about her falling, but me? The waves were so strong it was really hard to stay upright and not shake the camera. Also the sun really does not compliment her at all. She’s all dark but pale and would really work with gloomy weather much better.

I got so fed up with the sun that I settled with the photos and went for dull poses and backlight. I also had this waterproof camera bag with me and I was planning on taking a low angle shot of her but the waves were too strong. I’m gonna try that shot again sometime later in the month I guess but not sure if I’ll make it for the challenge. I’ll drag mizya with me and people can call us crazy (again) for ‘swimming’ when it’s already way cold. xD

The first shots are taken with the waterproof bag, so the quality isn’t very good, then when I went to take my camera out of the bag, I also changed her wig. And at one point a strong wave knocked off her other arm finn. I’m glad I noticed before I left cause it would’ve been hard (if not impossible) to find later. When I noticed it was gone, it hadn’t moved much yet despite the strong waves. Luckily resin is pretty heavy.

Oh but hey, even though I didn’t get the kind of photos I wanted, I did get to swim a bit with the beach almost all to myself. It’s 10 degrees cooler now than it has been for like a month so people assume it’s way too cold to swim. The lakewater was really warm, though… unlike the wind.

Edit// I also have this from a few days ago when I first put her together:

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