Zenith comparison continues with clothes on

So, remember this comparison I did?

Well, I keep hearing about how the chest joint is “more aesthetically pleasing” in little clothing, such as lingerie. Something which has always puzzled me personally. Maybe I just don’t find regular joints ugly, because I find that even though the torso does get cut with waist joints, the doll is still pretty in lingerie and swimwear. These dolls are supposed to have joints, it’s normal, so not everything has to be hidden. Personally, the dolls with legs strung together so that there’s no visible gap for the string at the top of the thighs kind of freak me out because they look so weird. I also have dolls that do not go around in their undies, so “ugly” joints wouldn’t bother me under the clothes. What DOES bother me is when the whole silhouette gets distorted by weirdly placed joints. I do not like broken-looking dolls. And my dolls will get distorted because I use the joints the dolls have.

So, I took a few photos of the Zenith bodies in ‘revealing’ clothes to compare the look of a chest joint with a lower one. Unfortunately I don’t have a lingerie set for this size, but a corset-like top and a cropped top should do the trick all the same. Also, the old Zenith body doesn’t have a waist joint either, but it’s lower than a chest joint and the same size so I can use the exact same clothes for it for a more accurate comparison. With a waist joint, it would obviously be visible with a cropped top, but I’ve never seen a hard-edged waist joint and it never creates the same kind of a bump in a weird place – it’s just basic human anatomy.

Right off the bat I went for that ‘super sexy’ pose everyone uses to give the pose some shape, and shape it does get:

The top is trying to fall off her because the lower torso is pulling the fabric into a different direction from the upper torso. So, in essence her boobs are trying to escape the top.

This is flattering.

Then, a short top:

I just love that angular bump. (This would be even more horrible with a more revealing bra.)

And then, chuiga pointed this problem out in the comments last time:

When you pull the torso back this happens inevitably. It’s so much fun posing this body… >_>;;;;

I’m sorry, but my “aesthetically pleasing” body will never be able to wear revealing clothes because it just looks so bad. =___=;
(Oh and by the way, this body leaves a ton of resin residue inside the joints and it gets stuck on the clothes, because the joints are so angular and they grind against eachother harshly.)

Older body with the slightly lower joint doing the same things:

The corset top one looks really good, but with the crop top you get a slightly more unappealing bump where her ribcage should be, but imo it’s nothing compared to the new body.

Even in the more unflattering angles this is not half as bad:

My conclusion: Sure, if the doll is wearing lingerie in a default pose, the torso joint is hidden with a chest jointed doll. However, if you move the joint even a little it just does not look nice -the whole torso begins to tilt and appear to be falling off the body altogether. That weird bump that the body gets just makes the pose look very painful. You can’t even hide it with normal clothing, much less with lingerie.

Yeah, I just can not express enough how much I’m dissappointed with this new Zenith body. But I needed it for the armours (yet I’m tempted to buy an old body and switch their torsos, so that she would get the better joint). If I could afford it, I’d do it. Although that wouldn’t help with the issue of stiff arms, but it would be better than nothing. Souldoll, really, why?

4 thoughts on “Zenith comparison continues with clothes on

  1. I think the point of the underbust joint is that it does look better when un bent In lingerie. I know it’s not the anatomically correct place for the torso to bend but so long and the underbust joint is sculpted to make the curve gentle it looks good. A waist joint that gapped as bad as the new souldoll zenith one would look terrible bent as well. It’s just a badly designed joint period. Really disappointing since this new body is supposed to be an improvement.

    1. I have several dolls with the boob-joint because they’re impossible to avoid nowadays, and even if they’re smooth, they look horrible when bent. So, if the only purpose of that joint is to look good when it’s not moved, what’s the point of it being there at all? I just don’t understand. Wouldn’t it look better if there was no joint whatsoever? If the doll is completely undressed, you can still see that joint from the front (+sides) and it usually looks like the doll has symmastia. It’s like dolls with a boob joint are designed for one purpose only: to wear lingerie in a default pose and nothing else. It’s not practical for anything else.

      I have seen a lot of badly designed chest joints but I’ve never seen a waist joint designed in such a crappy manner. I’ve seen some that have a bit of a edge, but even those are usually somewhat smooth. This one has some seriously harsh edges and it never even sits properly without gapping. =__= Luckily it’s not yet driving me so insane that I’m considering epoxying the joint together and sawing the torso in half at the waist, like my GSE body, but it might come to that in the future.

      Oh, and this has been all about females. What’s the purpose of the male boob joint? They don’t look any better without a shirt so are they made for that pose where they lift the shirt up to reveal their abs (that now don’t get cut in half)? As a by-product, they aso all get HUGE pecks because the companies can’t make the resin in the chest so thin that it would crack. I so much appreciate that my slim baby-faced mini boy has huge manboobs that show through ALL slightly tighter shirts. u___u’

      Yeah, no, I just do not and will not understand the logic behind the boob joint and why every company is doing it. There’s already plenty of that and many customers would like to actually pose their dolls. I got in to these dolls because they’re so well articulated and you can put them into poses. Not because I want them to hang around in their undies on my shelf. I can get barbies for that.

      (Oops, sorry, got a little carried away with the comment.)

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