Animecon 2016

I’m sorry for the lack of updates lately. I’ve been busy and it’s been rainy for photos anyway. I attented Animecon this weekend and thought I’d post a tiny little update. I’m still too tired to actually write about it properly, but let’s just say that it was my first con in 9 years. I’m a lazy con person because for me, my anime/manga hobby is quite personal and I’m not very interested in attending panels and the like. (Now, if a favorite seiyuu of mine came to Finland, I would probably travel to see him/her, although I passed on Yamaguchi Kappei-san the last time because I was broke.) However, the con came to Jyväskylä this year so I kind of HAD to visit because I live here. No excuse to pass it up. And I’m glad I didn’t. Paviljonki was an amazing place to have the con at: there was a lot of space although there were thousands of people, and it wasn’t too hot inside the building either. I especially enjoyed the sales hall and artist alley, although I’d thought I wouldn’t buy anything because of the prices (cheaper to just order online), and yet I still ended up with stuff the minute I entered the hall, whoops.

I enjoyed seeing a lot of amazing Finnish artists at the alley and took a number of business cards so that I can find their art again. I was kind of on a 0€ budget but still managed to buy some stickers because who could resist little owls? I so wanted some prints too, but just couldn’t muster the money for now.
It was also fun to spot people cosplaying characters I actually knew. Majority seemed to be characters I’ve never heard of before because I watch different kind of anime and am really picky about it, but it just made things more challenging, haha.

For a very thorough report of the con, go check out mizya’s blog post. I spent time with her throughout and also met up with Petra and Turre. However, as I was carrying a doll on Saturday and Sunday, I opted to not take my 1,2kg camera with me. Instead, I just had my reeaaaally old phone with me that does not take good photos. But good enough for me. Mizya has a lot of good photos, so go check out those.

I took Kiyori dressed as almost!Kirika with me on Saturday and Yukihi (as herself) on Sunday.

This was on Sunday with Turre, Petunia and Mizya’s dolls. We posed them for a photo because a person with a #eikiusita anti-bullying campaign banner came to ask if he could take a photo of the dolls with the banner. I totally support any anti-bullying campaign as I was a shy kid and was bullied in elementary school (not as badly as many others, though), and never completely fit in anywhere later either. I come off strong with my opinions, I know, but bullying is never okay.

Anyway, a few others stopped to ask if they could take a photo of this pose even after the banner had gone because we left them like that.

tiny!Nami in Yukihi’s hand. x3

I bought one blind ochatomo OP pack on Sunday and got a Robin. Then, later I braved and went to buy another in the hopes of getting a Nami or a Chopper. Or anyone that’s not another Robin, because they were a bit too expensive for a blind item. If I knew who I was buying, I could’ve bought more of them (I want everyone!). And luckily I did get Nami. This particular figure of her is beyond adorable. I die a bit every time I look at it. ♥
(I prefer everyone’s pre-timeskip looks, though, and wish there were as cute ochatomos of those available too.)

This is everything I ended up with:

Business cards from the artists, owl stickers, owl charm, worbla (for my first tests), lace, Nami & Robin ochatomos with coasters, Harucchi charm and the awesome bag.

My old bag is dying and I thought I’d never find a new one for myself, until we spotted this one. It was 10€ off the original price and we both looked at it like “Ooh! Fancyy!” Lol, we almost fought over it because of the pretty. I went over budget, but I had to buy it. Mizya was like “We can’t leave it here”. ♥

We originally planned on going to watch the cosplay competition but we didn’t feel like lining up to get inside the auditorium (the first time for the Animenz piano consert was horrible enough). Also the MC chick scared us off. I would’ve wanted to throw something at her if I’d heard her again. But I’m glad we passed up the competition because otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten myself a Nami and the bag. (Besides, I wouldn’t have known most of the characters anyway so I’m not sure how enjoyable that would’ve been.)

Close ups of the small stuff.

And my charms and ochatomos. Harucchi came from a blind box. I was SO scared of geting Narumiya (EWW!) or Furuya (poor Mizy got him) but I’m glad I got Harucchi at least. We were both aiming for Bakamura, but no such luck. The ochatomos were almost double the price but at least with those I couldn’t lose -except if I’d gotten duplicates. The owl is from the artist alley. :3

I also just posted a slightly late shoutout at twitter:

Yup! Thanks to everyone who came to talk to us because of the dolls. (シ_ _)シ And sorry if I seemed quiet. I’m a little socially awkward and don’t know what to say to people. ^^;

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  1. Silmät kyllä heti iskeytyivät tuossa conloot kuvassa tuohon laukkuun! Juuri sen tyylinen minkä niin haluaisin *^*! Näyttää vieläpä hyvän kokoiselta.
    Super sööttejä nuo pöllötarrat, awh!

    1. Haha, jeeep. Katottiin sitä siellä telineessä silleen *___* Tuo. Sitä ei voi jättää tänne! Ja ihan minun värinenkin vielä. :3

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