I’ve been in a bit of a doll coma this summer. I’ve been working on commissions and generally haven’t had time or energy for my own dolls. But I’m trying to activate myself a bit before summer is over. Mostly because I have some ideas and a few locations I want to shoot at.

First up is Siren photos from yesterday. I’m going to add to this shoot later -or make a set of its own if the light is completely different, because I left out things I wanted to do. The sun turned away too soon. :( Sorry for the repetition

I would really need a new wig for her before my next lake visit, because this is horrendous when it gets wet. But unfortunately even if I could afford one, it wouldn’t arrive in time. I wish Yami’s wig fit on her, but nope. She has a large head.

3 thoughts on “Devourer

    1. Kiitos. Tuota justiinsa yritin välittää kuvilla, vaikkakin alusta, välistä ja lopusta puuttuu kuvia. Seireenin piti ensiksi nousta vedestä ym. mutta aika loppui kesken kun minulla kesti totutella valaistukseen sen jälkeen kun viimein löysin kohdan missä aurinko ei paistanut liikaa tai liian vähän. xD
      Joskus vielä kun jaksaisi kaivaa randomin miehen kasteltavaksi ja posettaa kumpaakin järvessä samalla kertaa…

  1. Wow, great photos! She looks so alive and invitingly. I think the the siren would be like her ~
    Reflections on her faces are luminous ~

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