Autumn is here

I’ve tried a few clothes on my new girl, whom I’ve named Akari (明空), and put together a season appropriate outfit for now. I’ll have to get her ready for our Halloween meet now, though, so she’ll have another get up for a while. She’s Saya’s energetic little sister. :3

I forgot to take face up photos of her today again, but I don’t like taking off the wig. It’s so tight that I keep killing the hairdo little by little every time I put it back on, so I’ll rather not. You can’t see her cute little freckles in these photos but maybe some day…

I’ve now handled her a little more and I have to say: I do not want this frame for my bigger DDs in the future. And seems like Volks will be updating to this at some point. I’m just.. no. It has issues.

First of all, I had her sitting and standing last night because I was swapping heads around, and today when I picked her up, her leg just fell off. The whole leg. Okay, that was my fault: when I put her back together on Friday, I didn’t have the peg in all evenly and her other leg was a little loose -it wouldn’t stay in poses. But still, I’ve never had a whole leg fall of on my DDs -it’s actually pretty hard to remove their legs. Then, when I was outside, I tried to fiddle with the leg to see if I could fix it there because the looseness was killing the poses, and her torso snapped in half. (╬ Ò ‸ Ó) I put it back on and continued with the leg and she fell again… and again. FOUR times altogether. I thought the torso mechanism was supposed to have a lock that snaps together but I just couldn’t get it to click with all her layers of clothes on, no matter how hard I pressed the pieces together. (When I got inside and stripped her, it clicked in without any issue.)
I also change my DD girls hands a lot during photoshoots but because she has those locks in the wrist pegs, every time I pull her hand out, the whole doll does a shake because they’re so firmly locked, and her hair gets messed up (well it was already a mess because her torso kept falling to the ground earlier) and while I was posing her on the swing I was again frustrated because those arms just don’t bend as well as on the DD3 frame. When she’s naked, they’re okay, but with sleeves her movements are really limited, stiff and the arms don’t like to stay in place. Even when I pull the joint out a lot to give it more room to turn, it just doesn’t want to. It’s also harder to have her touch her face because the elbows don’t like to bend all the way AND you have to mess with the rotating shoulder joints. I guess it’s something one has to get used to, but I don’t like the fact that she’s not as sturdy in her arm poses as my bigger girls.

Then, when I got back inside I took off the coat and her whole arm plopped off. … (ꐦ°᷄д°᷅) And lastly, I took off her boots and her foot came off too. Like goddamn, yes, she’s made to be taken apart easier but having a doll that comes apart this easily is seriously frustrating (she’s a lot like my new body picco neemos, whose body parts keep falling off all over the place). Mostly her pieces don’t just fall off sneakily like they sometimes do with my DD3 frames (I tend to push their arms back up from time to time while I pose them to prevent that), but they do come off easier if you put just a bit of strength into it.

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