Saya has something new. A new bust that is. Unfortunately she can’t really take full advantage of it because the DDdy lower torso is so goddamn long and fortified that the chest part just can not move under it. At least her neck and shoulders pose now but that’s about it. (Yes, swapped to a silicone bust.) The bust could also be a bit prettier: I wish there was some more ‘flesh’ in the underboob area so that she wouldn’t get the boob-joint effect. It’s really prominent on her, too, looks like she has symnastia, which tends to be more of a problem with boob-jointed dolls with a small bust, not a large one. But yeah, that’s what she seems to have now. So clothes it is at all times.

Testing her lingerie here. The bra is a prototype and needs some fixes, it doesn’t sit as well as it could. So sorry the colours are all over the place and horrible. Bad background colour and lacking indoor light does it.

Then, someone came to disrupt my shoot:

So, I quit there. It was getting repetitive anyway and I was too lazy to switch her eyes around to change the side glance.

Oh, and I mentioned my grail DD a few posts ago, well, this is her:

Sakuya Maxima

I still haven’t done anything with her, so she has her default face up and is wearing the one pair of spare eyes I have and Seere’s extra wig. I’m having bit of a buyers remorse with her because I paid so much for her and my doll funds are on the minus side. She cost me much more than I ever thought I would or should pay for a head. Well, it was a partial trade, but after material costs, I still paid more for her than any head I’ve bought before. x_x Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I have her, but the value of the head is giving me some anxiety especially because I had just paid overprice for Akari to Volks too (that was one overpriced DD, though I usually think they’re pretty well valued as fullsets).
I’d like to re-paint her so that I could like her more, although her default face up is one of Volks’ better ones… but if I really end up regretting her, the value will go down. It doesn’t help at all that I’ve already filled her character. She was supposed to be Sayaka originally, but since the Sakuya head was so rar and expensive, I got her as the 07 standard head. I can’t even ditch the current Saya and swap her with the Sakuya head now because they’re different skin tones and Saya is my most spoiled DD. Not only does she have an army of hands, she also has a silicone bust and two vinyl ones. And she’s the only one on a DDdy body so I’d have to buy a whole new one for her again too. I am not replacing all of that. So, until I have the energy to re-do her face (once this dark phase passes I should find inspiration to paint again) and can afford to get her at least eyes and wigs, she’ll remain default. At least I have time to build a new character for her. As I said in the previous entry, I want her to be at least part demon, so there’s something different to her. She can be Kiyo’s friend once she stops borrowing her body and gets one of her own.

But see, she definitely could’ve made a good Saya, too.

She’s not my only problematic DD, though. Akari has a giant head which is bothering me a bit (I wonder if the #10 head would work better, but I’d also like to get her as an MDD) and her body is still an idiot. And I’ve come to the conclusion that Yuyu and Kiyo probably have their eye styles the wrong way around. Which means I would need to get both of them new eyes in a different style and in a custom colour. Fun. =__=; I still haven’t been able to find Saya nice eyes either so she’s stuck with the crappy WDS ones she has.

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