Naenia is totally my muse, lol. Been two years since I’ve done a proper water shoot with her though, cause I missed my chances last year. I wanted to be a bit more ambitious with this, but unfortunately I forgot a few tools home and the sun came out in the middle. I’m really only happy with one of the photos, but the others that I bothered editing are decent enough to be posted. Still, I want to practise more. :/ In the end I couldn’t even take photos from above water cause the weather turned windy and started making such strong waves that she wouldn’t stay still (and I got cold).

Plus an extra that didn’t fit in with the others. Loved the light, the wave effect and how it brought movement but it also kept sliding her top down. :’D

1 thought on “Waterbound

  1. I like all of them, and I can imagine how much effort went into taking these. My favorite is the last one, it’s like getting a glimpse of a very shy, beautiful creature. The sunlight adds some beautiful effects. Hope you got warm again :)

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