I went and sold Tanith. I had a feeler on her on the Finnish forum because I’ve been thinking about selling her on-off for over a year now. And since the stories last year, she’s no longer needed for them, there’s nothing holding her here. I feel sad I won’t have her for Llyr anymore and I’ll miss her colour scheme and clothing style a lot (might bring her back or a similar character home some day). And now that she’s gone, I keep finding outfits that would be great on her. ^^;;;

Anyway, I couldn’t bring myself to put her up for sale officially so I had the feeler up. There were some people interested in parts of her, and then someone contacted me that they wanted the full doll and the Breccia parts. So, she left pretty quickly, I just took some photos of her first and checked her condition and fixed her up a bit. :3

It’s so strange that there’s one empty space in my doll shelf now. Except it’ll be filled when I get Lin back from mizya. :’D

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