Rising from the Fog

I’ve been trying to do this shoot for days now, but today was the first time I succeeded. I’ve been waking up in the crack of dawn and cycling to the lake to see if there’s fog. Today there was so I cycled right back, picked up Sigrun and went back. Only I was in such a hurry that I forgot my rubber boots and had to go into the lake barefoot. Oh well, let’s just hope I don’t catch a cold because I have things to do.

I love this Souldoll dress even more now that I noticed that it floats, instead of sinking.

2 thoughts on “Rising from the Fog

  1. These shots are beautiful! Getting cold feet was definitely worth it!
    I just wonder, does the doll have a stand? Or does it stand on its own?

    1. Thank you. She’s on the older Zenith double body, so there’s no way she’d stand on her own in these situations. xD That body has such weak knees that I wouldn’t dare to leave her on the dock (it bounced around and it was windy) or in the lake (cause the water moves). So yes, she has a stand hidden under her hem.

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