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So, my Souldoll Devonia arrived on November 19th. She was bit of an impulse buy and I still have nothing for her, although she took almost 3 months to arrive. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like her or not. And I have to say that I’m a bit dissappointed in her, and still don’t know if she’ll work for me or not. But I’ll paint her and get her ready and see then. If she doesn’t she’ll go out as a customized full set, probably.

My two biggest issues with her are:

Skin: Souldoll advertised her as violet grey and even told mizya that it’s darker and more grey than their Kayla was. Well, the grey is nowhere to be seen. She looks to be the same colour as Soom’s purple resin and I really don’t like it, it’s kind of gross. So, I can only hope I can hide it in photos and that she’ll grey out in time. Hopefully soon. Because she’s VERY purple. I actually wish I’d gone with my gut and bought her in white (maybe someone would like to trade), but souldoll said it was more grey and I believed them. I should know better by now. My only consolation is that the purple skin will yellow nicer than white would. White would turn yellow, whereas this will turn grey first and only then start to yellow.

Body: I already knew I’d hate the boob joint and the legs that are strung together. The legs aren’t actually as bad as I’d feared (I might still want to mod them if I end up keeping her). My biggest issue, however, is the head size. I ASKED Souldoll to provide a shot with the shoulders visible but they said “lol no, the head is a good size for the body”. …It’s really not. The body is so tiny and the shoulders so small that the head looks really big on it. In this instance, I am again wishing that I’d gone for a white doll, because I could then hybrid her into another body. Now I have to live with this and hope that clothes, wig and everything else hides the size.

I’m also a bit annoyed that Souldoll glues the special parts together even though I did not order painting. They’d be so much easier to paint if they weren’t intact already. Also, the parts are white so painting them is a pain. They have nothing on Withdoll, really. The attachments are kind of sucky too. The scythe is wobbly in the middle, but I didn’t keep it so, it’s not my problem. xD

Oh well, I’ll work on her, slowly but surely, and then see how I feel about her. I like her face, so I at least love that part of her. Even if her body is an idiot. TI need to make her some proper clothing and see how I feel about her then. And the face up needs some touch ups as well. Oh, and she’s still wearing her default Souldoll eyes because I don’t have any others for her that look nice. They’re okay for now.

Some photos:

2 thoughts on “New girl

  1. I was so disappointed I missed out on her!
    I’m sorry you are disappointed but I love how she looks already. I hope she works out for you, or you find a trade in white!

    1. I’m sorry to hear you missed her. I don’t have mine anymore; I put out a feeler and she sold immediately. Everyone bought her in either purple or normal skin, so I haven’t been able to find a white head to replace her either. Maybe some day, or then I’ll just wait for some other doll to be released.

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