Alright, first snow! And finally the rest of my earlier Sadol package makes an appearance: the umbrella! The moment I saw it I was like holy hell I need to have it! I’ve been dreaming of a black SD size umbrella for years. I even wrote about it on the Finnish doll forun back in 2008… I had to wait a long time and it’s too big for my SD girls (originally wanted it for Sebille) but Null has more stable arms for holding it anyway.

I was going to do a review of the umbrella, because it’s gorgeous and comes with it’s own bag and everything, but it’s so damn dark indoors that I can’t get any good photos taken. =__= It’s really quite huge, more like a golf umbrella for a 70cm doll, but works well for two dolls. It’s also surprisingly light. Not sure how it compares to the cheaper ones available but I’m sure that Sadol has made all the plastic parts themselves by casting them in black resin (it resembles Withdoll’s optional parts). The handle doesn’t stain the doll hands and all the shapes are very sleek. I love it ♥ Null has no problem holding it up without support, as you can see.

I’ve been waiting for snowfall to take these photos, and while I was doing this, I got an idea for another shoot that I’ve planned down to the last detail already. I just need to wait for a colder weather and a more powdery snowfall -whenever that will be. x_x Still, it’ll be so much fun and I hope I’ll be happy with the results. This was more of a test run.

I’ve been discreetly, slowly, and very painstakingly looking for a new body for Sebille. Mostly because the thigh balls are so ‘outward’ in her original body that they pose problems with pants, but also because her knees don’t work very well and her wrists need a bi-annual blushing to match her Delf hands. Besides, lately her body has yellowed signifigantly and it’s now yellower than her head. There are also very clear marks where I’ve sanded her knees and ankles (modded them for her new feet) that have just been getting more apparent. The whole body would need a surface sanding but I just can’t be bothered.

I finally managed to find her a body I like, that I can resin match to her head quite easily, that is the right size and that poses like Sebille should pose. Her old clothes will also mostly fit it and yet it’s pretty. Yeap, did not think such a thing was possible. But now I’m trying to sell stuff like crazy to be able to afford it next month. I want her to be nice again~ Not saying more before I at least order it. ( = u = )ノ

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