Gloomy School Days

Ookay, I’ve been eyeing this Sadol school jacket ever since it was released but I didn’t have a doll to wear it back then. And once I did, I couldn’t afford to order from them. But a few weeks ago I finally did it: got the jacket, skirt, socks and super cute shoes. I need to make a few shirts to go under this, this is Sebille’s. Well, I planned on making them beforehand, but I got lazy and I have so much other stuff to sew too.

So glad this package arrived today. I was SO nervous because our postal service is failing with a package I have coming from Japan. It might be returning to sender -or not, they don’t even know at the customer service ¤”%#/”½!! I’m really worried for ANY packages right now actually, because of all the strikes and ongoing battles with the employers and employees and untrained workers and whatever. Some days we don’t even seem to get the daily mail into our box. But seriously, I will flip my shit if they return that damn package without even allowing the seize and re-deliver order I had them make take into effect. I’ve paid taxes for it and everything. If it does get retuned, I will see if I can just get refunded and the taxes returned because I don’t want to pay shipping again and play with customs again. Ugh.

But back to my Sadol package. I also got a little something for Null in it, but I think I’ll need to wait for some kind of snow before taking photos. I have an idea in mind. :3

2 thoughts on “Gloomy School Days

    1. Thanks. I’m not really seeing the office lady with the pleated skirt, though. She’d need a pencil one for that… but Yuyu is too young anyway.

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