Cold days keep on coming

Whoo, long time no see. I took some Yami photos at New Years but forgot to post them here. They’ll come later, though, because this is another DD entry. I’ve been inactive with dolls for many weeks now, but the days are finally getting longer and I’m hoping that would motivate me to photograph more. However, it’s been so insanely cold that long photo sessions are out. Today I braved the -25°C weather and took Saya and Yuyu out for a few quick outdoor photos. Yuyu just doesn’t really have good winter clothes and Saya’s coat needs to be shortened (I made it for Sigrun originally and so that a long skirt fits underneath). But at least I did something, right?

I have a TON of stuff to sew, including commissions, but it’s been so cold I haven’t gotten to go to the fabric store either, although I was supposed to go last week. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when it’s cold, but it also causes all sorts of problems like the car not starting, and having to put on a TON of clothes and then sweating like a pig indoors in the stores. =__= Not a fan of feeling hot.
I should also repaint Kiyori because I’m not very happy with her atm. But getting her the right colour eyes soon should also help. :3

Anyway, Yuyu went out and clearly wasn’t prepared for the cold, while Saya had no problems!

(really, not flattering the hem of that coat. If I’d had time, I would’ve shortened it before taking the photos. She’s wearing cute shorts underneath but they don’t show at all now.)

I tried for Takane in Volks’ latest lottery but lost, like most overseas customers. Seems like the competition against the Japanese was fierce and they ended up winning 90% of them. In a way this is good though, because the aftermarket is that much easier. There are plenty of chances on YJA to get her for not a super hiked up price since many start from 60K or below. (In comparison to Kirika who was nearly impossible to get for less than 120-140K because she had so many international wins vs JP ones -so glad I won her at least. =3=)
Not gonna be hunting for one though, I don’t want her enough to pay any extra, and even if I’d won her from Volks, I would’ve only kept her head. She’d have been my new Saya, but instead I’ll just wait for another release that fits her and try for that one. Don’t feel like hunting for smaller customs eyes for her atm. either. The 07 has always been a temporary one for her, but I’m in no special hurry to replace it. :D

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