azo2 vs obitsu 48cm (vs DDS/DD) comparison photos

I haven’t been able to find very good comparisons of the AZO2 body with the other Obitsu bodies Azone uses for their bigger doll line, so I thought I’d do this set because I have them both and DDs home.

The AZO2 body is on the same frame as the slimmer obitsu bodies and I think the limbs are regular obitsu parts as well, but the torso is azone’s own design (or obitsu made for azone? I’m not sure). I’m not so familiar with obitsu that I’d know exactly what arm and thigh pieces the AZO2 body uses either, but I guess they’re from obitsu’s lineup in some size.

Dollfie Dream III (M bust), Dollfie Dream sister (S bust), AZO2 50cm (G bust), Obitsu 48cm (L bust)

The AZO2 is missing the neck mechanism because it’s stuck on the head right now. The mechanism doesn’t sit quite as low on that body (part of the inner frame is visible up top) because the soft vinyl torso is shorter than on the obitsu48. And because the neck mechanism sits higher, the head sits higher making the whole doll taller than it seems here.

These bodies are very diffent. The AZO2 is shaped closer to a DDdy but I don’t have it in the lineup right now. Her thighs and calves are thicked than on the bigger DD or DDS, and her hips are close to same size as DDS. But it is much shorter and the waist and bust circumference are smaller as well. Not to mention hands and feet.

It’s really and truly an inbetween size. MSD/45cm clothes don’t really fit (with some exceptions) and bigger clothes are too big. And the Obitsu48 clothes are too small as well.

Wide hips are wide.

The boobs seem pretty huge, but their size isn’t _that_ much different from an L bust obitsu 48/50. The shape is just really different.

The legs. Those AZO2 legs are _really_ shapely and I love it. Everyone’s elses legs look like sticks next to those.

The hard vinyl yellows quite a bit and unevenly. My obitsus are second hand, so I’ve received them like this.

With a sitting pose you can see that the length of all of these dolls’ torsos isn’t that different. The AZO2 body indeed has the shortest torso, but if the neck mechanism was on, the sitting height would be the same as on the obitsu. The extra length is all in the legs (damn a 48cm AZO2 would be cute to own).

The AZO2 arms are longer than the obitsu48 (I guess an obitsu50 configuration would have these taller arms as well?)

The AZO2 really doesn’t sit very well. The combination of thick thighs and wide vinyl torso just doesn’t let the skeleton turn enough and so she leans back. The slimmer obitsu has no problem.

If you don’t mind the wrinkles, you can push them both down like this (duh, same skeleton)…

…but the AZO2 will attempt to straighten itself by force, even if you use the arms to try and lock it into place.

Side view.

Lookit that cute tummy! And as you can see, the size of the boobs themselves isn’t that different. But the whole width of the AZO2 body is bigger in the bust piece.

And lastly….

Shoes! I was surprised that these msd stiletto heels from Bluefairy fit this well. She even stands well in them. ♥ But other Bluefairy shoes I have were too tight because the feet are a bit wide (I’ll eventually try the heeled extra feet). The pair of converses is from Leeke and they’re a nice fit as well. As were many other Leeke and Luts msd shoes I tried on her. :3

3 thoughts on “azo2 vs obitsu 48cm (vs DDS/DD) comparison photos

  1. Hi i just found your blog and your Flickr, you have an amazing doll collection! i love the way you make this body comparisons. I´m fairly new to the doll hobby (just this year), so far i have only pure neemos and my first azone azo2 girl is on her way, i wonder what kind of care should i give to the azo2? I mean i have read about yelowing but i don´t quite get what causes it and if it´s possible to prevent it? Could you give me some care tips for the face, body? Cheers for your great work :)

    1. Thank you, I’m glad if these are of any help. ^^
      I don’t really know what causes yellowing on the hard vinyl surfaces of obitsu/azone bodies. I’m new to vinyl dolls. I’s probably just oxygen reacting with it, possibly UV light as well. But really, I don’t know, because I bought the azones second hand and I don’t know what kind of conditions they’ve been in. I’m generally not very familiar with vinyl dolls and yellowing, because it doesn’t really happen much. At least not like with resin dolls that are very prone to yellowing. I know the soft vinyl of the torso and the frame doesn’t really yellow, just the arms and legs.
      As for care tips. I’m not sure there are any? Just don’t keep touching her face (grab the head instead) so that it doesn’t get dirty or that the decals don’t get worn. And no dirty hands anywhere, obviously. And no dark clothes without protection to prevent staining (but that’s true for all plastic/vinyl dolls). And no rough handling because the inside frame can break. They’re not the same as the very sturdy neemos, but it doesn’t mean you have to handle them with silk gloves. Just, don’t force the joints. I think that’s it? I don’t really think there are special things you need to take care of in these dolls. They don’t seem as prone to staining as Dollfie Dreams, either.

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