Oh my god. Mizya and I had so much fun today. We took a trip to the lake with our dolls and were pleased to find that the beach was almost empty. There was a mother with two kids when we went, and when they left some more kids + parent came. Actually each time a group left, another arrived, but we did have moments where it was just the two of us. You have no idea how rare that is. Usually during summer the only time the beach is empty is between 4AM-7AM. Perfect day. It was cool but not cold and the water was fine. The sun didn’t come out too much (but we did manage to have all kinds of weather; cloudy, windy, rain, sunshine, more cloudy) and the photos came out fine.

We spent two hours crawling and squatting in the shallow. My most used pose was me on my knees with elbow(s) in the water, just holding the camera above water -and butt up in the air (usually in the direction of the occasional swimmers), lolol. I didn’t have full swimgear, just the bottom half of a bikini. Otherwise I would’ve gone for a swim before we left.

Avis did some faceplants in the water but managed to keep her eyelashes on. I’ve glued them on pretty well and the glue needs to be longer in the water to go soft, so yay. She did lose her sueding, though so I need to re-do that. But I would’ve needed to do that soon anyway.


Hisoka is like “What is it that you’re doing…?”

I also took two of Avis topless. I took off her clothes and cleaned her up from most of the sand and while I was at it, snapped a few more shots, lol.
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