A Monsters’ Teaparty

Some Valentine’s Day themed photos in a way. It’s “friends day” in Finland, not a lovers’ holiday. So my rather unlikely pair of friends is having tea together.

I will re-do this some day when I have better furniture or a possibility for a nicer setup, because these are quite horrible.

Ahem, I had the most interesting light set up. I just don’t get proper light into my room -especially on a cloudy day like today:

2 thoughts on “A Monsters’ Teaparty

  1. Your dolls are so amazing :) In your opinion, who poses better? Souldoll zenith or Super gem? (both female with new double bodies)

    1. Thank you. ^^ I don’t have the newer SG female body, only that old one. But comparing these two: they’re about the same. Zenith has better arm movement, SGs have more stable legs and the torsos are about the same.

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