Ugh, I’ve been sick for the past few days.. managed to get a cold because I didn’t put enough clothes on when I took a small bike trip. x_x I’ve been feeling pretty lethargic but finally found the energy to take Yami to my favourite spring spot. I guess it’s become a bit of a ritual of mine to go to this place with a new doll. In 2012 it was Prisca, last year it was Sigrun, and now it’s Yami. Always a new doll I’ve received the previous December/January. I didn’t notice it until now, though. The previous years I had to wait until May, but this year we had an almost snow-free winter so it was possible to go there this early. It was a bit muddy, though.

Anyway, my Jorougumo. xD Yami has lived in Japan for a long, long time and some of those legends originate from her. She likes to be talked about and feared. Also she is a Nephila Clavata species herself, so…

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