Photo dump

I’m probably dumping most of my not-so-good photos here from now on too. Flickr used to be my place to post crap at, but haha, they changed it and it’s so slow at loading (especially if I have torrents running) I don’t feel like going there at all. Plus the new layout offends my eyes. At least nobody can go and change the look of this blog while I’m not looking, so…

Random photo dump: we have some Prisca, Lily/Avis and Seb/Null.

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No sunlight, please.

I really wanted to order a grey Narae in December to be a vampire character, but decided against it due to lack of funds and the fact that I thought it might be too dark a grey. They called it light grey, but there really were no good photos of it (there still aren’t >_>), so I didn’t want to risk it. White skin would’ve been another option, but I already have a white narae body and not really wanting another.
Anyway, Avis will now substitute. xD She can do all sorts of crazy cosplays and stuff anyway, so it’s fine. And instead of being actually productive and sewing her a corset, I just used the SODA one I got yesterday. Luckily it’s not that well fitted in the cups, so it doesn’t look huge on her.

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