I got a Dollshe package today, so Sindri’s twin brother is finally here. Now I’ll have to wait for Mizya’s Dollshe order to arrive before I can get photos of them together. Because I only have one body for them (and Demyan, and the IM Hound that arrived as well). Lol.

I honestly have no idea what to do with most of my Dollshe men. Demyan is missing clothes because Null is so spoiled. Sindri and Sigurd don’t need many outfits. They have uniforms and I’ll probably make something fantasy-themed for them sometime. But then there’s my Husky and IM Hound who don’t have a character, eyes, wigs or clothes. Or a style for that matter. Whoops. But I got the Husky really cheap because I had like 80 points at Dollshe, and then I’ve always loved IM Hounds (Null is one as well, but he’s modded) so I thought I had to get one before they’re not sold anymore…

I’m starting to acquire a head collection that’ll never have bodies. That used to be something I couldn’t stand. But now I just don’t have enough space for full dolls.

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These are quite similar but I don’t care because I love these two more than… most things.

The one problem I have with these is that Null is not wearing his necklace. I took it off the last time he had a tie on and I seem to have misplaced it. I couldn’t find it although I looked everytwhere (me and my ‘this is a sure place I’ll find it from later’). I hope I come across it eventually, because it’s an important piece of his story and I can’t get another one from anywhere.

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Sindri’s gate

Something I’ve been planning for days but never had the right weather for. Well, today I got sick of waiting and got my camera stand from the basement and made this happen, although the light was sucky. But well, dolls are great models because they stay still and produce sharp photos even with super long shutter speeds. :D
I also modified the Souldoll dress. The collar was just too high and made her small head look kind of dumb, so I removed it and re-shaped the neckline. It could be better but will do.

These are all very similar, again, because I only needed one shot. One of these days I will have an actual shoot, too.

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Photo dump

I’m probably dumping most of my not-so-good photos here from now on too. Flickr used to be my place to post crap at, but haha, they changed it and it’s so slow at loading (especially if I have torrents running) I don’t feel like going there at all. Plus the new layout offends my eyes. At least nobody can go and change the look of this blog while I’m not looking, so…

Random photo dump: we have some Prisca, Lily/Avis and Seb/Null.

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